Albuquerque South Foothills: B.P.R Routes

Winter 2009 / 2010 was a brutal one. I guess it’s still winter in / around Albuquerque – since it snowed 8 inches at my house last night.

Anyway, due to the wicked cold and El Nino fueled snowfall I was limited to endless miles in the Albuquerque Foothills. (Check out the info on the sidebar for data on the Back of the Pack routes throughout the foothills.) I generated GPS data of the foothills a few months ago. I’m just getting around processing a video of the B.P.R. routes in the south foothills.

The Google Earth Data

The GPS Data

All you B.P.R. fans out there – go easy on me. The video is not exactly stable; I had to speed the video up by 8x. Why? Because, it’s impossible to find a killer song that’s 20 minutes long. Metallica, Tool, Guns N’ Roses all max out around 11 minutes. So, if you feel sick, close your ease and chill out to Tool.

AND remember:

1) This is only a trial run of the B.P.R. video machine. My plan is to use the helmet cam to document the race courses -> ride info + GPS data + on course interviews. So these initial videos are classified as ‘training exercises’. (Yeah – play on words.)

2) Remember, single speed riding is not a ‘geared’ experience, i.e., it is not a ride in the park and therefore I can’t keep my head entirely still. To put it another way, a single speeder can’t shift down to 1st gear, read the paper and drink a cappuccino.

So, here’s the video You may need to go directly to the B.P.R. Vimeo site. The video is ~ 1GB.

South Foothills, B.P.R. Routes from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
A short ride through the Albuquerque Foothills to document the Back of the Pack Routes

Funny stuff! Back of the Pack is propagating throughout the country. Check out the photo below which was taken at a wedding in Houston. Seems like Back of the Pack gear showed up at the reception. Walt “I wear tight Wranglers – you got a problem with that” Pimentel determined the BPR gear was more appropriate than a suit and tie. I agree!

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