White Mesa Video: Dragon’s Back and Final Frontier

This may be my final ‘video’ exercise prior to the Dawn til Dusk race on April 10th. White Mesa is absolutely the best set of trails to video. One word defines the ride – Intense. My 1st three rides at White Mesa were all at night, each during a full Moon.

Well, the true glory (or danger) of White Mesa cannot be fully appreciated at night. I had no clue what ‘over the edge’ meant until I saw ‘over the edge’ in daylight. One word of caution, if you’re riding with your buddies at night (during a full Moon, of course) don’t get anxious and pass the slow poke. Just chill out. Otherwise you may be….dead.

Check out the video. Awesome, awesome views. Whatever you do, go to 8:50 of the second video. Check out the wicked view, I mean cliff. (Scared me and I’m fearless.) The camera may alter the view a bit, but the ride is INTENSE!

The ride up / across / down the Dragon’s Back at White Mesa. Unreal Views!

White Mesa – Dragons’ Back from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Riding White Mesa – parking lot to Marker 6. Ride is basically the Dragon’s Back, headed north

The ride south, up the east rim, across the east rim and back to the parking lot.

White Mesa – Final Frontier from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Riding White Mesa – Marker 6 to Marker 22, then to the lot

What I do for Back of the Pack Racing. I am absolutely not a Babe Magnet with that stupid helmet and helmet cam. The helmet is now in the trash. A new helmet will be here Friday. The helmet cam is staying. B.P.R. adventures must be captured and posted in cyberspace.

Thanks Padre for taking the picture. I just love it when people go out of the way to point out how stupid I look. So Padre, did you drive like 80 miles round trip just to take the pic? Well, it’s worth the Cheetos you dropped off!

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