San Ysidro Dirty Century: Tomorrow, March 27th

The alarm goes off at 4AM. The big day is almost here. The San Ysidro Dirty Century might be the biggest test yet for this Back of the Pack racer. Why? Because, there will be no breaks, no timeouts, no cat naps, no help, no base camp. It’s me against the elements for 123 miles, 123 miles in very remote New Mexican desert. And it’s a race against daylight. The start is at 7AM. I hope to roll into Rio Rancho prior to 7:30PM.

So, there are three possible outcomes, as described below:

Judd A. Rohwer
May 1, 1973 – March 27, 2010
Judd Survived!
123 miles in 12 hrs X min
Judd’s a loser and a quitter!
91+ miles then gave up
I do have some insurance for the race tomorrow. Tedd has volunteered to ride the 41 miles around Cabezon Peak. That’s cool. Loop #2, Cabezon Peak, is the most remote part of the race. So it will be good to have someone tag along, just in case something happens.
Tim? Who knows what Tim is doing. Well, actually I do know. Tim is going through his “I wish I was Shaun White” mid life crisis. That’s cool. Snowboarding is great training for the Dawn Til Dusk race on April 10th. I’m sure Tim will be in top shape and log a huge 65 miles at the race. But, even though I am a bit sarcastic and miss the camaraderie with the B.P.R. elder statesman, I do know that Back of the Pack requires one racer to linger at the back of pack. So all is cool.
The Last Know Photo of Judd. Will It Be?

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