2010 Team Gear: Preview

Well, it’s time to start thinking about the 2010 BPR team gear. Why? The new gear entered service just a few months ago, right? Yes neophyte. But the new gear is now old gear and I get bored easily. I’m already working on a new bike design, so I should start working on new BPR gear. 
So, stickers to start with. A new ‘small’ logo passed the review board. Tim and Tedd may object – who is the review board, they may ask. Me, of course. I’m the review board because the B.P.R gravy train is fueled by…me. 
(BTW. The ‘large’ logo, biker behind a pack of mules, is set in stone, never to change, never, never, never, never, never, ever.) 
Anyway, time to move on past the “27”. The “27” was so 2009. It’s a new decade, right? Next? I may go for new hats, or patches, or water bottles, or team work shirts, or  something.  It all depends on my mood which is usually fueled by the oxygen deprivation that I am routinely subjected to. We will see. I’ll sell the stickers for a cool $1000 each. Or make me an offer.

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