Dawn Til Dusk: The B.P.R. Approach

Well, us Back of the Pack racers do everything a bit different from ‘the crowd’.  I was planning on a nice 117 mile ride at Dawn Til Dusk. Wake up at 6am, get on the bike at 7am, ride til 7pm. How hard is that? Well, not hard enough.

The Lt Col decided to schedule a ‘check ride’ for Friday pm – late pm. (Don’t ask, this is hardcore military stuff.) So, Dawn Til Dusk turned into Dusk Til Dusk. The B.P.R. fan may wonder: “Why does The Lt Col’s behavior affect Judd or Tedd?” Well, us Back of the Pack racers stick together. It’s a tough life living at the Back of the Pack. So, The Lt Col’s pain is my pain. My pain is Tedd’s pain, on and on and on.

What happens after a long race? Us Back of the Pack racers like to fall asleep in mid sentence. Proof = Pic = Fact. Are you observant? What is (was) The Lt Col drinking? Schlitz of course. See it in the cup holder? No spillage. The ‘gourmet beer’ is long gone prior to the start of the race. The B.P.R. bylaws define the pre-race hydration as “drink it all, because you may not survive to drink another day”.

But, if a Back of the Pack racer survives, He (or she) will live to drink Schlitz another day – like Sunday, early Sunday.

And to honor the Beer Gods that bless Back of the Pack racers, we usually start a beer tree. (Ernesto and Cindy are missed, missed more than anyone can imagine. Well, our imaginations suck, sorry.) Anyway, all beer cans / bottles deserve a ‘moment of honor’ prior end of the cycle and the beginning of the ‘recycle’

(BTW, has anyone asked Ernesto about “Porta-Nestor”. That story should be on the Discovery Channel. Maybe it already is.)

Well, the Dusk Til Dusk Race Review is only 96 or 120 hours away, depends on the Schlitz effect.

Just an FYI.

You think I’m joking about the early Sunday AM Schlitz. Well, Stop Thinking!
Did I mention that Tedd will be pissed off, pissed off for the entire race!

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