Dawn Til Dusk, 2010: Back of the Pack Race Review

Awesome, awesome race. The Dawn Til Dusk crew pulled through and put on an amazing event. I don’t care what anybody east of the Mississippi says. Gallup is a bitchin’ place. The trails in Gallup are bitchin’. The mountain bike crowd in Gallup is one of a kind. The mountain bike experience in the Land of Enchantment is truly enchanting. If you don’t believe me – sign up for the next race outside of Gallup, 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest. Back of the Pack will be there in full force: the 3 founding members, some probationary members, some support crew and a very large subset of the B.P.R Fan Club.
Anyway, if you want to go straight to the data and pics, follow this link:
If you need to see the official results, follow this link. Just remember. We are all winners. There are no losers, unless there are no DNFs, then someone will be the loser. Ok, I’m joking. Go easy on me.
Below are some team awards, some comments, some data, some pics. I’ll have a video up of the pre-ride in a few days, maybe. I’m a bit busy right now. Busy? Yep, I do have a job, at times.
Back of the Pack Awards:
B.P.R. Day of Glory: Tim (7 laps ~ 91 miles)
B.P.R. Meritorious Achievement: Tedd (6 laps ~ 78 miles)
B.P.R. Go Home and Work on the Team Theme Song: Judd (6 laps ~ 78 miles)
Award Selection Rational:
Tim: What can I say? It’s been a long time since Tim smoked me. (Actually this might be the 1st time in history that Tim led the Back of the Pack.) Tim just kept the cranks turning. What’s next for Tim? Probably more snowboarding, probably more pizza, definitely more burritos. Tim’s psycho. Enough said. OH, Tim had one major revelation during the race. Tim ditched his totally lame ‘fanny pack’ that was hanging from his seat. I am so happy that his Black Sheep Stellar has been freed from the humiliation of ‘fanny pack-itis’.
Tedd: Freak Job is the only work to describe Tedd. Incomprehensible is the only word to describe Tedd’s performance. Tedd has only been on his Black Sheep Stellar one time, yes one time, since the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo – February 13th. So what does Tedd do? Tedd logged a cool and easy 6 laps / 78 miles (or 74, but who’s counting.) So it’s now obvious that Tedd got the Rohwer toughness from Padre and I got the good looks from Madre. Oh, we already knew that.
Judd: Pathetic, that is all I can say. I’ve trained hard and was ready to roll. But I guess it wasn’t my day. Maybe I hadn’t fully recovered from the SYDC, March 27th. My knee is still busted up. But that is no excuse. I should be able to win the battle. Mind over matter, right? Well, I guess the demons in my head found out about the wicked pain in my left knee. Once that happened the demons had control. I finally won the battle with the demons around 4:45 pm. I thought I would save the day and complete lap 7, nope. I had some issues with my chain during lap 6 and didn’t make it back to the start / finish line in time to successfully complete #7. Oh well. There is always the next race. If I don’t get my act together I should just sit in the camp, fire up Garage Band and work on the B.P.R. Theme Song.
Lessons Learned:
1) Refueling time between laps must be reduced to <  2 min. This 20 to 30 minute trend is terrible! At least for me. I’m a part of the Back of the Pack, but I want to be at the back of the front of the pack, not the back of the back of the pack. I can do it. I just need to recruit a water bottle filler. Padre, you out there? Tim? I think he’s happy with the 20 minute refueling time. He needs the precious minutes to eat pizza, burritos, drink coffee, duct tape his shoes, take off his long johns, put on his long johns, etc. Tedd? Tedd just does stuff. Who know what he does during the refueling time. Tedd is Tedd. Tedd is a freak job. Don’t believe me. Check out the photo at the end of this posting.
2) If you must eat pizza during the lap, make sure you have it all down the trap door prior to the biggest climb on the track. It’s a bit hard to chew pizza and breath when your heart is racing 170+ bpm. (Actually, my record on the hard climb is 185 bpm. Tim, you taking notes? 180+ bpm happens when a Back of the Pack racer actually rides the hills. Then again, I don’t try to ride hills, eat pizza and turn over a 32 x 18 setup. Tim, it’s all you, that is why you get the B.P.R. Day of Glory Award.)
3) Review the lethality of Aleve and Advil. Is it OK to down 12 Advil in 8 hours? Well, I guess we will find out.
4) If you are going to hitch hike to the registration / pre race dinner and you happen to hitch a ride with two single speeders (husband / wife, boyfriend / girlfriend, who knows) DON’T make fun of the fact the the dude has front suspension and the babe is riding fully rigid. If you make a wise ass crack like Tim did, you may be walking the rest of the way.
No more lessons learned. Well, I should say there are no more lessons learned that should be / will be made public. Check out the info below, if you care. I really don’t care what you do. Because I know the faithful B.P.R fans will review this data. I know the B.P.R fans will hit the street and help us find sponsors. (Just remember B.P.R. fans, all we care about is beer, burritos, and Black Sheep Bikes. So don’t get crazy with the sponsorship ideas.)
The data. The data that depresses Judd.

The Track in Google Earth. The 1st lap includes a 5 mile ‘warmup’ on a dirt road. Get it? ‘Warmup’
B.P.R. Bylaws state: No handoffs, no baton passes, no cheek slaps. B.P.R is short for ‘On Your Own, Dude!’


Yeah, it’s cold at the 7AM start. And hot by 8AM!


The Sunday AM ‘Victory’ celebration, B.P.R style.
The drive home. After 90 minutes Tedd broke the silence.” Judd, you ready to drive? It’s your turn.” Judd’s response, “Nope”. Then silence continued for the duration of  the drive home.
What does a B.P.R weekend do to Tedd? Well, a picture’s worth a one syllable word: NUTS!


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