Dawn til Dusk, 2010: Course Inspection

Well, I like messing around with video. Why? Because I have this dream of integrating GPS data, video, and Google Earth maps. Once I do this I intend to create a wicked website of all the data / video products of races & rides in the GREAT SOUTHWEST. (Who isn’t interested in the course profile, course ‘feel’, etc.) Doesn’t sound hard, does it? Lucky for me I know some brilliant software people. So maybe I can farm out the task. Not that I couldn’t do it, but I have Back of the Pack business to attend to. I need to find some sponsors and I need to write / record / produce the Back of the Pack theme song.

Anyway, here is the video. Actually it is a subset of the video. (We don’t have all day. Do we?)

There are a few major points to remember:

1) I ride a rigid single speed. So the video isn’t exactly smooth. If you have a problem with it, close your eyes and enjoy the Static-X.

2) I am not a movie producer. I am just a dude having fun. Back of the Pack Racing does not have a continuing education program, yet. Therefore my skills are limited and my skills will not improve at an exponential rate.

3) If you are interested in my services, I can be bought. How about…. $2000 / hr. Just drop me an email.

Here is the video. Below is the GPS data and the Google Earth map. Data is king, dude.

Dawn Til Dusk – Course Inspection from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Just a ride on a Friday

The Data – For 1 Loop


The Track

And for all you B.P.R. fans out there concerned about my appearance, well no need to worry. The quest for The Johnny beard is no more. Superstition rules my life. I did great at the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo with just the chops. I didn’t do so well at Dawn til Dusk with the chops and ‘that crap on the chin’. So, its gone. As I said, the quest for The Johnny is no more. (Get it old skool cartoon fans? Johnny Quest, the Quest for he Johnny. Funny stuff.)

But, if my performance at 12 Hours of Mesa Verde is also substandard, then I will commit to The Johnny. Yes, a one year commitment if I fold at the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde.

The Johnny

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