The Evolution of a Single Speeder

Evolution is a dicey subject. If you want to get me going, ask me about evolution. I may never shut up, you will be taking a risk by asking the question. AND My opinions may surprise you.

Us Back of the Pack racers may argue about evolution (Why? I’m always right.) but we will not argue about the evolution of a single speeder. To honor this subject I am opening up a design contest for the next round of Back of the Pack t-shirts. Below is one entry from The Lt Col. I won’t (can’t) post his 2nd entry. All I can say is “DLJ”.
I have a few ideas of my own. I am hoping that the newly anointed B.P.R. member – the organizer of the east coast chapter of B.P.R. – can help me out with my idea. There is a HUGE prize for the winning entry. What’s the prize? Could be:
1) Full membership in Back of the Pack Racing – if you aren’t already a full member
2) A date with The Judd
3) A million dollars
4) A free trip to crew for Back of the Pack
5) Something else, I’m still thinking.

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