Cedro: The B.P.R. Spring / Summer Training Arena

Let’s just say “Mountain Lions”. Yeah. Forget I even said Cougar.

So, the lone single speeder must be very careful on these trails. The mountain lions, bears, coyotes, wolfs and even a Cougar or two are out there, waiting, lurking, ready to devour the exhausted single speeder.

Below is a map of the B.P.R. rides at Cedro. I’ll add in the King of the Mountain data (AND VIDEO) once the trail opens – around Memorial Day.

The GPS data is included below the Google Earth image.

Color Code:
Blue = Cedro Race, 21.5 miles
White = 18 mile loop
Red = 15 mile loop

Cedro – The Race Course – Reverse

Cedro – 18 Mile Loop

Cedro – 15 mile loop


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