44 x 18 Ain’t That Bad

I’ve been putting in some miles on the fixed gear road bike. I don’t really like it. I like the dirt. I like the isolation that comes with the dirt. But times like these require an alternate approach. (What? Times like these? What the Hell!) Yeah, it’s been raining, raining a lot. So the dirt was out of the question.

Anyway, today I broke out the fixed geared Surly and went for a ride. My expectations were – well – I had no expections.  I just wanted to get out of the house and get the concrete out of my legs. I’m a bit sore from the B.P.R. High Altitude Challenge, I need a ‘cool down’ ride two days after the event, after the victory. I headed south on N14 for a few miles (Yeah, South on North 14) then I circled back and turned up Sandia Crest. I was only going to put in a few miles. But there were ‘geared’ dudes and dudettes on the road, so I felt obligated to ‘fly right on by‘ as Maverick would say. I made it up to Sandia Peak Ski Area, not bad for the 44 x 18 setup. I’ll go all the way to the top next weekend, maybe.

44 x 18 is a pretty good setup for a road single speed / fixed gear. I was a little hesitant about the ratio, but all is well. I survived. The only problem, going down. I tried my hardest to use my legs to slow the bike down, but I did use the front brake at times. Bummer. Brakes on a fixed gear – not that cool, dude.

Overall, the Surly Steamroller is OK. I’m spoiled with 2 Black Sheep Highlights. I don’t like the geometry on the Surly. But it’s a cool bike. I have some big bike plans in the works, so I’ll be as happy as a Pig in S*^T in a few months…. Oh wait, I should say I’ll be as happy as a kid in a candy store. Yeah, that’s better.

So, some pics and some data.

The Ride


The Proof


The Surly at Sandia Peak
Judd and The Surly
Judd misses The Sheep! (Ha Ha, Jokester!)


I live down there, in the valley, somewhere


Clouds are Cool! Storms are Cool!

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