B.P.R High Altitude Championship: Leg #1, Red Mtn Pass – Video

It takes time to cut / crop / process / edit / annotate / perfect the video footage. So I will roll out the Back of the Pack High Altitude Championship video segments one by one.

Leg #1 – Red Mountain Pass.

If you haven’t been over Red Mountain Pass – well, make it happen. The views are extreme. Red Mountain Pass is the absolutely the most scenic pass in the world. Trust me, I’ve been everywhere, so I know. (Ever been to Ebeye, Marshall Islands? Yeah, I haven’t – Luckily. But I’ve been a few miles from there.)

Below is the link to the 1st video, I’ll update the race review with the link, sometime.

REMEMBER: The action does not determine the length of the video. THE TUNES set the length of the video. So chill out and enjoy Metallica.

Also, if you are strapped for time go to the 3 min 50 sec point. That’s where the action starts, if you care!

BPR High Altitude Championship – Red Mtn Pass from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Just Video of a Wicked Mtn Pass

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