B.P.R High Altitude Championship: Leg #2, Black Bear Pass – Video

Leg # 2 – Black Bear Pass, connects Red Mountain Pass to Telluride Colorado

Black Bear Pass, enough said. It’s Awesome. So awesome I chose two Metallica songs.

Why two songs? Well, the action does’t determine the length of the video. THE TUNES set the length of the video. AND when I pick TWO Metallica songs, the video becomes LONG, but awesome – because Black Bear Pass is awesome. So chill out and enjoy Metallica. And ENJOY the views.

If you are strapped for time go to the 4 min 30 sec point. That’s where I hit the shale steps, a famous section of Black Bear Pass.

AND, remember, I ride a rigid single speed, no suspension or gears – for you new B.P.R. Fans. The trail is rough, the ride is rough and the video is rough. That’s life, dude!

B.P.R. High Altitude Championships – Black Bear Pass from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Black Bear Pass – the ride down to Telluride from the summit.

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