24 Hrs in The Sage, Prerace Comments

Tomorrow is Race Day – 24 Hrs in the Sage. I’m prepared, almost. Is the rest of the B.P.R. Crew? Who knows!

My ‘run up’ strategy consisted of 11 straight days on the bike during the last 2 weeks. Easy rides, only put in 225 miles during the time span. But the 11 days conditioned my mind for riding while a) unmotivated b) dead ass tired. So, it’s a new strategy and we will see how it goes.

My race goal is simple. 200+ miles. I can do it if I have zero mechanical issues and limit my lap transition times to 5 minutes — 10 min when I decide to change gear.

What are my predictions for the other Back of the Pack racers?

The Lt Col: He’ll spend hours eating pizza and burritos – therefore he’ll role in with 169 miles.

The Morale Chairman: He’ll be pissed off all night, take a six hour break between 2am and 8am, therefore he’ll roll in with 130 miles.

Prob-eee: Yeah, anyone’s guess. Easy money says he’ll sleep for 6 hours. Why? Because he’s scared of the dark. But he’ll finish with 104 miles. I think.

Well, I have a quick stop to make at Black Sheep Bikes then I’m headed back to Gunnison. More updates later.

The Sheep Are Ready!

— Post From My iPhone, travel to 24 Hrs in the Sage

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