The Commute = 12,174 Crank Revolutions

No joke, you do the math! (And let me know if my math sucks, I am getting old – you know.)

I finally rode the fixed gear into work – and I rode it home. The total = 41.31 miles. My fixed gear rolls 17 feet and 11 inches per crank revolution and if the cranks ain’t rotating, the bike ain’t moving – it’s fixed gear baby!

So, the total is 12,174 crank revolutions per commute to / from work. Cool data dude! (Try and count your crank revolutions on your freewheel setup – won’t happen!)

The Lessons Learned:

  1. I need a pair of sunglasses with Transition Lenses, because it’s dark at Oh Dark Thirty and it’s sunny at Oh Dark Thirty + Thirty
  2. Two water bottles are not enough when it’s 90+ deg on a hot August afternoon.
  3. Don’t eat lunch at 4pm and hit the road at 4:30pm
  4. Don’t go flying at 1pm and almost toss the cookies at 3pm – if you’re riding home at 4:30pm
  5. 44 x 18 – child’s play. I think I can hammer out the miles on a 44 x 16 – maybe next spring. (You think I’m joking, check out the vertical on the way home, only 1711 feet in 20.5 miles. I can do that in 12 miles in the South Foothills.)

What does the future hold for this Back of the Pack mountain biker with a 20 miles of asphalt between home and work? Well, I’ll keep riding. Now that I’ve suppressed the fear of Judd the Road Kill, I think I’ll continue with the fixed gear commute – when I can fit it in. Now I just need a custom titanium bike with COOL fenders. Huh, I think I know where to find one – or order one.

The Track: Looking North
The Track: Looking East
The Coast into Work: Wait, can’t coast on the Fixed Gear – Dude!

The Grind Back Home: It Ain’t That Bad
Judd is happy and home.
Time for some bike maintenance, time for food, time for some chick flicks!
Just joking. No chick flicks allowed, I think.

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