B.P.R. High Altitude Training, New Mexico Style

High altitude training, New Mexico style? What does that mean. Well, it means Fixed Gear baby, Fixed Gear.

Today 1/2 of the B.P.R. crew took a leisurely ride to the top of Sandia Crest. Prob-eee and Judd started out at The Judd’s pad at Paa-ko (~6525 feet above sea level) and rode up and up and up to the end of the road, 10,678 feet above sea level. The ‘roll out’ was fine, then Judd’s mind started churning? How could Judd turn this into a race and pummel Prob-eee? Well, the strategy was laid out and successfully executed.
Judd’s Assumptions of Prob-eee’s approach to the monster climb:
  1. Prob-eee would probably try to ‘simulate’ the single speed experience for the 1st 6 miles, the ride to Sandia Peak Ski Area. (Do it dude, burn those legs out early!)
  2. Prob-eee would probably have to stop to reduce bladder pressure. (He’s ancient man!)
  3. Prob-eee would probably drop it down to 1st gear on the climbs after the ski area
  4. Prob-eee would figure out someway to justify his slow ascent
Judd’s strategy:
  1. Sit back a watch Prob-eee work
  2. Wait for the chance to ‘fly right on by’
  3. Suffer through miles 7 – 10. (Mile ZERO is defined as the N14 / Sandia Crest turnoff.) 
  4. Ensure victory by staying in front, if needed – put the HAMMER DOWN!
  5. Coast for miles 11 – 13, take the title
  6. Cruise down the mountain and celebrate with some brews!
Judd’s miscalculations:
  1. The ride doesn’t get easier after mile 10. The ride is brutal all the way to the top, for a dude on a rigid fixed gear – 44 x 18 setup.
  2. The heat, yikes
  3. The cruise down was not a cruise down. You try fixed gear, downhill for 13.5 miles. It’s a unique experience.
Prob-eee’s miscalculations:
  1. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. (Nope, it’s race day buddy.)
  2. It will be a nice ride up the mountain. (Nope, when you suffer, you suffer.)
  3. Judd and Prob-eee will just cruise and have a few good conversations. (Nope, it’s race day buddy.
Prob-eee’s final thoughts:
  • What? This was a race? On such a beautiful Sunday Morning?
Judd’s final thoughts:
  • Every day is a race day, especially when Judd’s in the lead and when Judd finishes first.
The Ride to Sandia Crest
The hard miles Past Sandia Peak Ski Area
The Data, Dude!
The Finish Line, Judd’s the Winner!
The Proof, Judd’s Chillin’
More Proof, The Antenna Towers
After the 20 mile breakaway, Judd decided to wait for Prob-eee at the N14 intersection.
wait and wait and wait…. of course.
How many gears are on that bike? 100? More?

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