24 Hrs of Colorado Springs: The Before

How does a Back of the Pack racer prepare (rest up) for a major 24 hour experience? Easy, he turns a 6 hour drive into an 18 hour cross country trip – traversing all over New Mexico and Colorado.

What? Yeah… The Lt Col and The Judd are headed through Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and then back to Colorado Springs. Why? The Lt Col’s sheep – Black Sheep Stellar – is in the shop for a major overhaul. Huh? Yeah… When a dude (The Lt Col) rides a wicked titanium machine like a possessed gorilla, the titanium machine needs an overhaul every once in a while. No joke, jokester.

Therefore, tonight, late tonight, The Lt Col and The Judd will roll into Colorado Springs. The TeddNeck is arriving sometime in the afternoon and he better have the B.P.R. Race Headquarters setup and ready to go. Why does The TeddNeck do all the dirty work? Well, read the B.P.R. Operating Instructions. The roles and responsibilities are clearly spelled out. Ok, I’ll summarize it for you, the B.P.R. fans. The Judd, The Founder, The Leader, The Philosofizer DOES NOT setup up or take down the B.P.R. Headquarters. The Judd just hangs out and rides. End of Story. Oh yeah. The Judd also expects all meals to be of high quality & prepared on time. The Menu is not up for debate – breakfast burritos, Cheetos burritos and pizza will do.

The prerace strategy is simple – ride & ride & ride. I, The Judd, plan to take a break around dusk. This will be the ‘fueling’ break. One big meal should get me through the night and into sunrise. I’ll have small meals throughout the night. But the goal is to stay on the bike – no sitting down, no resting, no conversations. During the race, we race. Except Prob-eee, Prob-eee sleeps when he feels like it – when the rest of us are racing.

Speaking of Prob-eee, Prob-eee may not even make the race. Prob-eee was a bit concerned about the travel arrangements once he heard that The Col and The Judd were heading up early. So here is a summary of the 2 conversations I had last night.

Judd: “Prob-eee, plan on riding with The TeddNeck.”
Prob-eee: “Uh, I don’t think that is a good idea.”
Judd “It is a good idea, I’m The founder, I’m The Leader, I know what’s best.”
Prob-eee: “I’m scared of The TeddNeck. I’m driving myself.”

Judd: “TeddNeck, Prob-eee’s riding with you.”
TeddNeck: “Can Prob-eee keep his mouth shut for 6 hours?”
Judd “Of course not.”
TeddNeck: “Well, This could be bad, very bad. Prob-eee may not survive the trip.”
Judd: “Yeah, you’re right, again. Prob-eee better drive separately – if he wants to be breathing oxygen and not dirt.”

Judd: “Prob-eee, you’re own your own.”
Prob-eee: “Sounds good, TeddNeck really scares me.”
Prob-eee: “So, when and where do I meet you. I don’t know where I’m going.
Judd: “Hell, talk to The TeddNeck, he’ll be happy to help you out.”

So, the life of The Judd, The Founder, The Leader, The Hustorian, The Chick Magnet is never easy. That’s why The Judd just wants to ride & ride & ride.

When The Lt Col talks, nobody listens. When The Lt Col drives, we’re all scared.

— Post From My iPhone at 24 Hrs of Colorado Springs

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