24 Hours of Moab: Going Back, But Why?

The Decision: I’m headed back to the 24 Hours of Moab. I wasn’t going….. to go, but I must go. (Damn! Grammar stresses me out!) Why must I go? To challenge the Demons of 24 Hour Racing, obviously. The demons got the best of me during the last 2 (or 3) races. So, I’m going to pack my full arsenal of weapons – mental weapons – since this is a battle between me and the demons that lurk in my brain.

So, what are the real reasons why I am returning to the 24 Hours of Moab, especially since the race is a few days prior to my planned trip to New Zealand.

  1. Because I can.
  2. Because I can. Really this is a reason, a very good reason.
  3. Because I should.
  4. Because I’m tired of cartoons.
  5. Because I HATE cleaning the house.
  6. Because it is the only way I can beat down my addiction to Cheetos. Yes! I really want to live a life free of Cheetos. Yes, I am admitting that I need help. Someone, PLEASE help me!
Ok, enough of this foolishness. What are the real reasons why I’m returning to the 24 Hours of Moab.
  1. It’s a race, end of story.
  2. I’ll register for the Solo Single Speed National Championship category – it’d be hilarious if / when I get dead last. Big Miles and Dead Last – just what us Back of the Pack Racers live for!
  3. It’s the 1st 24 hour race that I competed in – 2009, therefore I want to return and tackle the course with a strategy, a proven strategy. (Who proved out the strategy? That’s the question someone needs to answer. I surely haven’t.)
  4. I recently completed The Judd’s 24 Hour Race Circuit. Time to start the circuit over. Eight 24 Hour races in 12 months…. it’s the start of another 12 months. (Yeah, my race schedule is based on the fiscal year – not the calendar year. Don’t ask – I won’t tell.)
  5. I must keep racing, I must keep the cranks turning. There is no guarantee that I’ll be in New Zealand on Oct 15th. The travel agent says the “plans are done, it’s all set”. BUT, I’ve yet to receive the itinerary and my credit card has not been charged. I’m starting to get a funny feeling. And it’s not one of those ‘good’ funny feelings.
What are the reasons I wouldn’t go?
  1. Uh, can’t think of any.

The nutrition plan – the final farewell to a life of Cheetos:

There are 2 things that you, the B.P.R. Fan can take away from the image below.

  1. The Judd is one hell of a good cook. Can you integrate Cheetos into your breakfast menu? I doubt it.
  2. The Judd really needs help, really needs help.
The Breakfast of Back of the Pack Champions!

The History:

Check out this link to the B.P.R. race review of 24 Hours of Moab, 2009.

24 Hours of Moab, 2009 – The Review.

Check out this link for data and pics of the 2009 experience.

Just a link to data and pics, dude!

What to expect:

24 Hours of Moab: The Course
24 Hours of Moab: The Profile

Some Motivation:

Dude / Dudette – if you are not a KoRn freak – then you should be!

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