24 Hours of Moab: Ready to Go!

Man, plans change all the time. Who knows what will happen in 12 hours. But as of right now, I’ll be leaving Albuquerque in the AM and headed to Moab.
The TeddNeck’s registered for the race, but the TeddNeck has responsibilities and he must be responsible. What? Yeah, just like I said. The TeddNeck must put in a full day of work tomorrow, must be back at work on Monday AM. So The TeddNeck may blow off the race. Who knows.
I’m ready for the race. I am psyched for the race. I have no responsibilities, therefore I’m headed to the race. Oh yeah, I just started 3 weeks of vacation. So that four letter word that starts with a ‘W’ and ends with a ‘K’. I know nothing about it.
I am set for one crazy weekend. Oh, I mean…. I am set for a crazy 3 weeks. My bikes are ready, my mind is ready and my body is ready. Maybe. I’ve been consuming calories like there is no tomorrow – solid food and liquid food. (Remember, Beer is Food!) I am bloated, retaining water…. like Hoover Dam. But I feel good. We will see if the Demons win the battle at the 24 Hours of Moab, or if The Judd wins the battle. My money is on The Judd. Just because.
Well, I won’t bore you with verbiage today. I’m in the zone, the racing zone. I need to finish packing, I need to finish a few Dale’s Pale Ales. I need to chill out.
So, check out this short video from the 2009 edition of the 24 Hours of Moab. The video is a clip of Lemans Start. (Back of the Pack Racers HATE running, HATE the Lemans start.) Anyway, be patient. It’s a 23 second video. The TeddNeck and The Judd enter the video at 15 seconds. The Judd’s on the left; The TeddNeck’s on the right. And NO… the video isn’t in Slow Mo, dude. We are two slow dudes. We are at the Back of the Pack. That’s just the way it is.
Two Fat (PHAT) Dudes and a bunch of Psycho Runners.

The Judd: 24 Hours of Moab, 2009
A Nice View from 17,500ft: Sandia Peak Ski Area = Summer Training Ground
The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – from 17,500ft: 700+ ballons, maybe
The Judd’s Race Food: A New Strategy!

2 thoughts on “24 Hours of Moab: Ready to Go!

  1. That was a very frenetic pace set by the leaders considering they still had 23 hours and 50 seconds to go!
    Enjoy your 24hr race, it is the perfect buildup to the World SS champs…maybe.
    Myself, I am racing in Race 3 of the Auckland MTB champs in Whitford Forest. Singlespeed class of course, probably race for about 2 – 2.5 hours. The perfect buildup to the World SS champs….maybe.
    Actually, I am about 30 years past a perfect buildup for any sort of race….maybe!
    Remember my offer still stands if you are in Auckland for the night. Or if you are going straight to Rotorua you may have a layover for a few hours, let me know as there is some sweetish singletrack 15 minutes from the airport, I can hook you up with a bike and take you for a quick Jet-Lag recovery ride. Leave the sheep in it's box for Rotorua.
    If not I will look out for you in Roto-vegas and we can have a pre/post race beer.


  2. Hey Brent. Yeah, those leaders were probably on a 4 person team, or they just wanted to get up front for the pictures. Yeah, I like to think that 24 Hours of Moab is the perfect training ride for the Whaka 100 – which is the perfect training ride for SSWC10. Can't wait. I'll be setting foot in NZ in one week. Yes, thanks for the offer. I think my plans are to step off the plane in into a shuttle to Rotorua. But who knows if 'it all' goes as planned. I will let you know. The theory was to arrive in Rotorua as quickly as possible, thus I would have enough time to build up my bike and get my race face on for the Whaka 100. It takes me about 36 hours to get my race face on, it's quite a chore, sort of scary. And definitely, let me know when and where you'll be. I'm definitely up for the pre and post race beer!


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