New Zealand: What I’ve Learned

So, I’ve been in New Zealand for about 5 days. I’ve learned a fair amount about this country – the way of life in the Southern Hemisphere. Below are the more interesting things that I’ve learned.
Bike Vegas (a local bike shop) is totally cool. The dudes are totally cool. I ran into a problem with the sheep, it’s a big problem. So the killer dudes at Bike Vegas set me up with the Guinness Bike for the rest of the week. I’ll be rolling through the forest on this new beast. Thanks dudes!
The sun is in the north, not the south. Weird, but think about it. Does it have something to do with the Tropic of Cancer? The Tropic of Capricorn? The Equator? Ok, I think you can figure it out.
Traffic does not stop for Pedestrians. Watch Out! Look right then left, not left then right. And, there is no such thing as a crosswalk.
If you wander around a small town for a couple of hours, you see the same freaks wandering around for a couple of hours. Us wanderers are all freaks.

The local economy would be far more profitable if a) the gas stations sold beer, b) the bars opened early, c) the bars served breakfast burritos during the 8AM happy hour.

I think the beer in New Zealand is watered down. 15 Ska Modus Hoperandi would send me to Intensive Care! 15 beers in New Zealand just…. makes me hungry.
Kilkenny (Irish beer) is awesome
I watched the move 2012 on Sunday night, as I watched the rain fall. yeah, it’ll happen within the next 15 months. You wait and see.

In the USA we argue about evolution, religion, abortion rights. In New Zealand, gun control – the right to bear arms – is the best subject if you want to start a heated debate.
The moon’s made of cheese. The moon landings were a hoax. This is a common thought / opinion held ‘down under’. I say ‘down under’ because the Australians are the dudes / dudettes convinced that the moon landings (yes, plural) were a simple Hollywood production. Amazing! Looks like I now know another awesome topic to bring up at the bar – every night.
I met up with some psychotically cool dudes from the USA. Jake, Dejay, Kramer, Rich, Sam, Dave, et al. These dudes remind me of the psychotic bunch that lived / squatted at the infamous Rugby House (Prescott Az) in the early 90s. It’s good to know that the dream of social irresponsibility and good clean fun still exists. These dudes party like it’s 1999 – just like we worn out dudes partied back in the day, back in…. 1999.

The Guinness Bike: The Judd’s New Ride – For the Rest of the SSWC10 Week

Judd Wandering – with the other wanderers

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