Reports from the Road

So, Back of the Pack Racing is trying to evolve into a real racing team. Ok, no we aren’t. Well, maybe. Our real goal is to spread the word, promote the Back of the Pack lifestyle AND secure the elusive beer sponsorship. (We don’t want free bikes. We don’t want free components. We don’t want free ‘kits’. We really just want cool beer patches for our team race shirts.)

So, we have met some cool dudes in the last year and we are making progress – growing the ranks. And we need to grow the ranks. We’re having problems with Prob-eee, so we may demote Prob-eee. This means we need to backfill the void. It’s not much of a void. But we don’t like voids, even small voids.

Oh, why would we demote Prob-eee? Simple. He’s more interested in the hippie lifestyle. And his long term goal is to live in a nudist colony, or a commune, and be the head farmer of the clan. We, The Back of the Pack Founding Fathers, can’t support such a lifestyle. It’s cool if you want to be a hippie, but you simply can’t walk away from the email and the technology that runs Back of the Pack Racing. Said another way…. If The Judd emails you, you better email back. You can’t say “Oh you sent an email last week? I haven’t turned on my computer in 14 days. I just wanna say out of touch. I want to be one with nature. I want to sit in my garden and watch the tomatoes grow.” Ok, Prob-eee, you can step back to the level of Groupie. We need hardcore dudes to build a critical mass. Leaf eating hippies don’t add much to the critical mass. Just Joking! Maybe.

Anyway, Back of the Pack Racing has a number of recruits.Two of the killer dudes who have taken the initial steps to join Back of the Pack Racing participated in some wicked races last week. (Is that a run on sentence. Doesn’t sound correct, it bothers me.)

Below is my summary of their summaries. I need to generate a waiver before I use their words against them. Plus, I’m well known for creating history – history that can be debated. So I need to think about how to warp the individual reality that Jasper and Rhino live in. And they need to sign the waiver that will forever allow me to twist the truth into something that fits the Back of the Pack agenda.

Jasper & the Le Petit Brevet:

Jasper raced in the 300 km Le Petit Brevet on Nov 20th, somewhere in New Zealand.

Don’t ask me what Le Petit Brevet stands for. It sounds French. Doesn’t it? Well, maybe I’ll make the race next year. I really don’t need a reason to visit New Zealand, again. I’ll just pack up and go, just because. But it doesn’t hurt if a race is the motivator. So, maybe I’ll head to New Zealand next November and race in the Le Petit Brevet.

Anyway, Jasper pulled out of the race after 11 hours, 100km and 3600m of climbing. (That would be 62 miles and 11,800 feet of climbing. Ouch!) Seems that the weather turned nasty around sunset. And guess what… Jasper and some dudes headed to a nearby pub for some beer. Yep, sometimes you do what you got to do.

Below is the link to the race blog. Check out the cool pics. Jasper’s favorite is the 2 racers huddled together with an emergency blanket in a public crapper. Uh, that’s pushing it. One dude with an emergency blanket in the crapper is Ok. 2? I’ll need to think about that one.

Rhino & The Kentucky Camp, Arizona Endurance Series:

It sounds like Rhino was a bit wiped out prior to the race. His race review is a bit humorous. (Should I say that? Of course I should). Rhino was coughing up a lung and decided to make the 46 mile race into a personal 29 mile journey. The official race terminology is a ’29 mile lollipop’. Lollipop? Interesting. Anyway, 29 miles is a decent ride when wiped out, so it was probably a wise decision to turn back. No need to take the dirt nap while sick. It makes for a better story if you take the dirt nap while 100% healthy and while pulling off some outrageous stunt.

So, below is the info: Sounds like an awesome race.

A great posting from Scott Morris, the dude of TopoFusion:

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