2011 Race Schedule: Back of the Pack Style

2011 is not yet here, but we punks like to roll with the motto “Be Prepared”. So the 2011 race schedule is below. You, the Back of the Pack fan, may not care. That’s OK. This posting is primarily for The Lt Col. I, The Judd, must spell things out very clearly for The Lt Col. Otherwise he gets confused. And as we all know, a confused pilot is a bad thing for us all.

So, the races are below. There are races for ‘racing’, races for ‘the adventure’, races for ‘let’s just get the hell out of town’, and races for the 2011 Back of the Pack Championship. I am forced to define these race categories, otherwise The Lt Col dreams up situations and conditions that allow him to ‘walk away’ with the 2011 Back of the Pack Championship. And we all know that The Judd is already the 2011 Back of the Pack Champion, by definition.

The B.P.R. Founding Fathers may look like a Team. But we are all out for BLOOD!

If you want to race with us at the Back of the Pack – solo of course – review the B.P.R. Operating Instructions. A simple commitment to a) the team, b) the rules of engagement and c) the lifestyle is all that is required. The B.P.R. Operating Instructions clearly spell it all out.

So. Here it is. If you, the Back of the Pack Fan, would like to join the crew and run the Back of the Pack pit at any race…. let me know. My email can be found somewhere on this blog. (BTW, I you’re a dude bring your on F’n beer and your own F’n food. If you’re a dudette, we got you covered!)

  •  24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Feb 19 / 20
    • 1st race in the 2011 B.P.R. Championship Series
    • Domination by The Judd is guaranteed. Lt Col will log 167 miles, The BPR Morale Chairman will suffer through 130 miles. Prob-eee may just sleep all weekend.
    • Will Rhino survive the tomfoolery that travels with the Back of the Pack?
    • 2009 24HOP Race Review: The Link
  • San Ysidro Dirty Century, SYDC. March 26th
    • The Judd will finish. The BPR Morale Chairman will ride the ‘inner 50’, The Lt Col will cry about the wind and stay home because he needs to iron his flight suits. Prob-eee will say “What? There was a race? Where was the race? Why didn’t you tell me?”
    • 2010 SYDC Race Review: The Link
  • Dawn Til Dusk. April 9th
    • A race ‘to get the hell out of town’
    • The Judd will cruise for 12 hours and The Lt Col will talk about ‘his domination’ for the next 9 months. The Morale Chairman will just turn the cranks and dream of the next beer. Prob-eee? He’s still pissed that we didn’t tell him about the SYDC. So he’s at home and won’t talk to any of the Founding Fathers.
    • 2010 Dawn til Dusk Race Review: The Link
  • Arizona 300. April 15 / 16 / 17 and maybe the 18
    • A race for ‘The Adventure’
    • This may be The Judd’s 1st attempt at a self supported cross country race. I like to call it the ‘across the damn state’ race.
    • It will happen if a) I get the gear, b) I conquer my fear of the dark
    • Hopefully Rhino will show me the way through the dangerous desert of southern Arizona.
  • 18 Hours of Fruita. May 6 / 7
    • 2nd race in the 2011 B.P.R. Championship Series
    • This is the 1st year that B.P.R. will make the trip
    • Ok. The Judd and The Morale Chairman will make the trip. The others? They won’t get a kitchen pass – if that’s the 2011 term for ‘the Foxy Mama says I’m not going, I guess I’m forced to stay home and be responsible every now and then.’
  • Cochiti 100. May 21
  • Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. May 28th
    • A race ‘to get the hell out of town’
    • I grew up in Durango. I want to move back to Durango. But I can’t, so I’ll go race the race.
    • Two options. Fixed Gear, 44 x 18. Or modified Black Sheep, 32 x 13. Who Knows!
  • Gunnison Growler. May 29th
    • Another race because I ‘got the hell out of town
    • This race is usually the day after the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Two killer races back-to-back may be good training for the Colorado Trail Race.
    • 2010 Gunnison Growler Race Review: The Link
  • 24 Hours of the Enchanted Forest. June18 / 19
    • 3rd race in the 2011 B.P.R. Championship Series
    • The Judd will dominate the B.P.R. standings. The Lt Col will eat 3 pizzas. The Tedd will scowl and scare all the tourists. Prob-eee will cry about some sort of food poisoning.
    • 2010 24HITEF Race Review: The Link
  • Firecracker 50. July 4th
  • Leadville Silver Rush 50. July 16th
  • Back of the Pack High Altitude Championships. TBD, most likely July.
    • There is The B.P.R. Championship Series and then there is The B.P.R. High Altitude Championships.
      • A man is not a man until he wins the B.P.R. High Altitude Championships. The Judd has won this race two years in a row, 2009 and 2010.
    • In 2011 the B.P.R. High Altitude Championships will be a stage race in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.
      • Day 1: Durango to Ouray. On the pavement, singlespeed or fixed gear.
      • Day 2: Ouray to Ouray. Red Mountain Pass, Black Bear Pass, Telluride, Imogene Pass.
      • Day 3: TBD. Either Ouray to Ouray or Ouray to Purgatory. Red Mountain Pass, Black Bear Pass Ophir Pass, then TBD.
    • Scheduling of this race may interfere with the Firecracker 50 and the Leadville Silver Rush 50. That’s just the way it is.
      • Do you want to be a B.P.R. Champion or do you just want to cruise with the crowds?
      • The Lt Col wants to be a B.P.R. Champion but he is scared of pavement, high altitude mountains and any / all races that don’t have a pit stop between 12 and 16 miles.
    • 2010 B.P.R. High Altitude Championships Race Review: The Link
  • Colorado Trail Race. August 1st ? 10 Days for The Judd?
    • This is the goal of 2011. We will see. The only thing stopping me is my fear of the dark, my fear of all the monsters that lurk up at 12,000 feet.
  • Dusk til’ Dawn. August 15th?
    • This one could be interesting, if it happens.
  • Singlespeed World Championships, Ireland. August 27th
    • Enough said, but attendance is not guaranteed. It depends on The Judd’s maturity level at the time of required commitment. (What the hell does that mean?)
  • 24 Hours of Colorado Springs. Sept 17 / 18
    • A race ‘to get the hell out of town’
    • But… The Lt Col will demand that this race, a race at his alma mater, be placed in the 2011 B.P.R Championship Series. Ok, so this will be a game time decision based on The Judd’s mood.
    • 2010 24 Hours of COS Race Review: The Link
  • 24 Hours of Moab. Oct 8 / 9
  • Zuni 100. Oct 15th
  • 25 Hours of Frog Hollow. Nov 5 / 6
And the grand daddy of them all
  • Singlespeed World Championships 2011, Ireland!
    • Date? TBD
    • The above schedule will be modified once the date is published.
  • It’s all about the mountains, the monsters, the dirt and the sheep.
  • It’s all about the Back of the Pack lifestyle.
  • It’s all about making dudes and dudettes laugh.
  • It’s all about facing fear head on and figuring out how to hide the tears. Because a Back of the Pack racer CANNOT cry in public!
High Altitude Thunderstorms are….SCARY


3 thoughts on “2011 Race Schedule: Back of the Pack Style

  1. Hola Cindy. AWESOME NEWS! As of Friday Prob-eee definitely needs a partner for his 'duo' team. I will check tomorrow. But if you all are making the trip, I'm sure Port-a-Nester can race with Prob-eee. Beware! Port-a-Nester will need to ride all the night laps. Prob-eee is scared of the dark and will need to sleep 10+ hours.


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