Prob-eee IS AS Prob-eee Does

Yep, that’s the truth: Prob-eee IS AS Prob-eee Does. 

As 2010 winds down I’m in a mad rush to plan out 2011 and finish all my yearly household chores. Yep, The Judd only cleans the house once a year. And no, my house is not a mess. It stays clean as a whistle throughout the year. That’s how it works when a dude’s never home. 
Anyway. Chores are done and 2011 planning is almost finished. Therefore I have time to reflect back on the 2010 events. A 2010 Year in Review will be posted shortly. But first I must post this info on the famous, rather infamous, Prob-eee. 
You see, Prob-eee started off as a nickname for all Back of the Pack probationary members. (Refer to the Back of the Pack Operating Instructions.). But the 1st Prob-eee has destroyed the term by exceeding all expectations of ludacracy. (Ludacracy? Yep, very similar to ‘Idiocracy’. But Ludacracy is a positive term. Are you confused? Good.) 
Just to remind you all. This is Prob-eee. 
This is Prob-eee racing hard at the 24 Hours in The Canyon.
Because of Prob-eee’s actions, there can never be another Prob-eee. Calling a dude or dudette Prob-eee would be ‘Cruel & Unusual Punishment’. We are trying to recruit Back of the Pack racers, not run off prospects. 
And no, I’m not ripping on Prob-eee just to rip on Prob-eee. I’m documenting this ludacracy so future racers know what constitutes unacceptable behavior. Yes, Prob-eee is a member of Back of the Pack Racing. But The Founding Fathers want to be very clear… THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER PROB-EEE! 
Anyway, the stories of Prob-eee are endless. But below is a quick summary of one crazy 3 day trip that I recently took with Prob-eee. As always, my notes accurately document reality. 
  1. A quote: “Hey the flight test was postponed a day. That means we can go site seeing tomorrow.”
  2. Another quote: “Hey, that’s a nice park. We should buy a frisbee and hang out and throw it around.”
  3. Another quote: “Come on dude, let’s walk through the parking lot. We need to get to the grocery store ASAP. I need some candy.”
  4. Another quote: “Come on man, start the engine & get the AC on. It’s hot in this car.”
  5. Prob-eee shops like a woman. (Sorry if I offend all Foxy Mamas) The 1st thing Prob-eee does is head straight to the ‘customer service’ representative and start asking questions about a) the weather b) the shop status including holiday store receipts c) good restaurants to hit up. No joke. Every store is the same experience. 
  6. Prob-eee’s favorite show is The Family Guy. Yeah. I could be watching NCAA basketball, but no, Prob-eee has to watch f’n cartoons!
  7. A conversation: Judd says “Now what?” Prob-eee says “Let’s drive drive slow up here and head to the park. That’s a nice park.”
  8. ‘The picture’ episode. Prob-eee says “Man, we got to drive by the Santa Barbara Police Station and get a picture. My daughter digs that show “Psych” Take a right up here, it’ll be the 1st building on the right.” 2 minutes later “Hey cool, there it is.” Judd says “Prob-eee did you get your pic?” Prob-eee says “No, I missed it, I didn’t know it would be RIGHT on the right!”
  9. Prob-eee’s Word of the Day. Incredulous. Usage. “Why the hell would the pisser be out of order. Thats insane, stupid! See that dude over there? That dude wanted to use the pisser too, he was so incredulous.
Check this out. Prob-eee implementing his race strategy at the 24 Hours of Colorado Springs. Who in the world would cuddle up and cash out like that during a race?

And one final picture. The is Prob-eee pulling off his race strategy at the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest. As always, Prob-eee is interested in lawn chairs and recliners. If you have a spare one – let him know.


2 thoughts on “Prob-eee IS AS Prob-eee Does

  1. Ok, I had to read this at work… and it was hard not busting a gut LOL'ing while reading this. Candy and Frisbees… I can just hear Devo's voice in all the quotes. Excellent post!


  2. Yeah. You know what's funny. I didn't twist reality one bit. AND this is just a sample of what went on during that 3 day trip. The fun never ends.


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