2011: Let’s start off the year with JAZZERCISE!

Let’s take Ludacracy to a whole new level on the 1st day of 2011.

Yep, this is a well kept Back of the Pack secret. Jazzercise in the garage.

Jazzercise rules. And you know it. Integrate Jazzercise with Crossfit and you have one hell of a wicked workout.

The Lt Col laughs at my Crossfit workouts. Why would The Judd take 2 hrs for a 30 minute workout? Dude, it’s because I integrate Jazzercise into the workouts.

This is how it is. Any questions!

Jazzercise – Back of the Pack Style from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Back of the Pack Racing – A Winter Workout

Well, it’s the new year. It’s all about fun. We’ll get serious starting tomorrow, I think.

But remember. We all must find a way to laugh AT THE WORLD every single day. We must laugh AT OURSELVES every single day. If not… we are just miserable tools that fall prey to the chaos that we call reality.

4 thoughts on “2011: Let’s start off the year with JAZZERCISE!

  1. this is great! i wouldnt mind spacing out the crossfit with a little jazzercise! i dont think Port-a-Nester would allow it though.

    if you want to step it up from the jazzercize, i can burn you the INSANITY DVD to try this winter. it will make you sweat. im embarrased to promote it since it was an infomercial for $130, but i have to say its a great workout. also, i didnt pay for it so i dont feel like a sucker.


  2. Wow. It's safe to say that I'm scared of the INSANITY DVD. I have a hard enough time with Crossfit and Jazzercise. So, thanks for the offer, but I'll stick with Jazzercise – I can deal with Port-a-Nester and all the crap that I'm bound to get from the 'haters' of the Jazzercise lifestyle.


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