Weekend Roundup

Well, I ran out of excuses last week. Training for 24 Hours of Old Pueblo officially started a few days ago. The weekend totals: 92.55 miles, 12817 vertical, 11 hrs of bike time. I put in a quick 3 miles on Thurs, 15+ on Friday, 31 on Sat and 43+ on Sun. Not bad.
Yeah, not bad. Not that you care. I’m sure most of the B.P.R. Fan Club has zero interest in the boring, monotonous, brutal miles. But there is one person out there that cares. The Lt Col.
Why? Because the Lt Col is in Florida, sitting on a beach, drinking his favorite drink – a Mia Tia. And The Lt Col is wondering if / when he will finally get on the bike and start training for Old Pueblo. Well, that’s not my problem. I’m putting in the miles and I will be prepared. I will SMOKE The Lt Col at Old Pueblo. End of story!
I had a interesting encounter with Prob-eee on Saturday. I was up cruising the Geriatric Loops in the North Foothills and ran into Prob-eee. (Why was I cruising the Geriatric Loops? Well, I was looking for Prob-eee, he hangs on those easy trails.) Anyway, I was thinking about Prob-eee, wondering what type of snow suit he would be wearing on such a ‘cold’ day. Well, check out this pic. Prob-eee has on a massive fleece sweater, neoprene bootie covers, a wool hat (not in the pic) and I believe he was wearing some type of mittens. Yeah, it was like 45 degrees too. Insane. AND check out that cute fanny pack. Amazing.
Back of the Pack Racing is a TEAM of Individuals. Obviously.
Here is the Google Earth track of the rides on Sat & Sun. Nothing real exciting.

Check out this data from the Geriatric Loops. 31 miles and 3994 Vertical. AND I climbed about 600 feet on my way up to the North Foothills. So. It’s a pretty tame ride.

Here is the data from the MONSTER ride in the South Foothills on Sunday. 31.43 miles and 5244 vertical. INSANE. It was a tough day for the 3rd day on the bike. I survived. Where was Prob-eee? On the couch. Where was The Lt Col? On the beach. The Morale Chairman? Cleaning the house. I had so much fun I cruised home, jumped on the fixie and put in another 12 miles. Just because.


 Hey, the Sandia Peak Tram.


Hey, it’s Judd. And Judd is TRYING to SMILE.


Hey, it’s SNOW!


Hey, it’s a Cactus and a Sheep
Hey, it’s a SUNSET! Whoops, I mean SUNRISE!

So, just another weekend on the bike. Many more to come. Why? Because I’m in the training mode. I need to teach The Lt Col a lesson.

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