50 in the South? 50 in the North? Or Both?


Well. Both. Of course. 
Next question. Does 50 in the North = 50 in the South?
No way, Jose? Well. 50 is 50. But 50 isn’t 50 when you’re training for a 24 hr race. And I have the data to prove it. 
The Background:
A BPR racer (who will not be named) and I (The Leader, The Philosofizer) often ‘debate’ the merits of training in the North Foothills. My position: Any senior citizen can cruise the North Foothills without breaking a sweat or pushing the heart rate above 170. The other racer’s position: The North Foothills offer exceptional challenge with great climbing. Yeah, I’m laughing as I type this. We all know it. The North Foothills is the ‘recovery ride’. Whatever the hell that means. But I know it and you know it.
Anyway, this last weekend I set out to prove my point. 50 miles in the south and 50 miles in the north. And let me say a thing or two about accuracy. If I say ’50’ I mean ’50’. I don’t mean ’45’ or ’48’ or ’52’. I mean ’50’. Got it? So. I logged 50.10 miles in the south and 50.01 miles in the north. Not bad, but not perfect. My error per day: 0.2% for Saturday and 0.02% for Sunday. My total weekend error is 0.11%. Like I said, not bad but not perfect. Yeah. I’m the only one in the world that finds the challenge in ending a ride ‘on the dot’. And no, I don’t do f’n circles in the parking lot until I ‘hit the dot’.
So, the data:
South Foothills
50.10 Miles, 7.7mph avg, 7875 ft vertical, 4491 calories
149 bpm avg, 178 bpm max
North Foothills
50.01 Miles, 8.7mph avg, 6036 ft vertical, 3807 calories
132 bpm avg, 169 bpm max
Well. Does the data prove my point? Crunch the data anyway you want. But the avg heart rate proves it. 17 bpm higher in the South Foothills. Do the math, dude. 17 extra beats per minute is a big difference. If you don’t believe me, then join me. BUT just remember, no talking.
Anyway, check out the data and tracks. BORING. But it’s data.
The ’50 in the South’
The BORING tracks, ’50 in the South’


The ’50 in the North’


Talk about BORING! ’50 in the North’


Yep, I’m getting Ugly. Until I get PAID to shave, I’m not shaving. I think.
I’m Rockin’ Club Ride gear. Bitchin’ S*^T, Dude. 
Yeah. I know. You can’t see the bitchin’ details. Oh well. Next time.



2 thoughts on “50 in the South? 50 in the North? Or Both?

  1. Thanks for making me giggle with the “meadow of the witch”. I'll be calling it that from now on. My suggestion is to split the difference and ride 25 in each.


  2. Hey Bonnie. Glad you like the unique trail names that I put together. They all have meaning. Yeah. I usually split the long rides between the North and South trails. I just had to suffer through 50 at each so I had the data to make fun of Prob-eee.


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