You Gotta Check This Out! The Black Sheep Fastback Coupler

Well, most of my friends and B.P.R. fans know of The Ultimate Adventure that took place in New Zealand during the Singlespeed World Championship (SSWC10) week. The week was nuts. The race was nuts. It was all nuts. But that’s history. It’s 2011.

Anyway, when I returned to The United States of America and my home in New Mexico I packed up sheep #2 and sent it up to James and Todd at Black Sheep Bikes. The dudes wanted to overhaul #2 with a permanent fix. And lucky me – James asked if I’d be interested in the new Fastback coupler design. Yeah. Of course. I’m interested in anything and everything new, unique and awesome. Plus I saw this coupler design on Bryan Kramer’s bike in NZ. Definitely cool. Definitely a unique Black Sheep concept.

The Fastback with HACS allows for the shipping the sheep (after disassembly, of course) in a standard S and S Hard Case – which fits within the airline size requirements. 62 total inches (26 x 26 x 10 = 62, dude.)

So, I’m set. No more $200+ up charges by the freaks at the airlines. Yep, I love screwing the system, especially when I screw the system with titanium coolness.

Well, I’ll stop rambling.

Below are the pics: 

Looks like a standard Black Sheep Highlight, right?
zoom in and you see The Fastback design
a little closer


another angle


the HACS (Horizontal Adjustable Chainstay) completes the bike

So, since I’m an obese single speed fanatic, the Fastback / HACS combo will be thoroughly tested under EXTREME conditions.

And the Fastback/ HACS combo will definitely ease the financial burden (yes burden) of traveling to exotic places for world championship competition – like the 2011 edition of the Single Speed World Championships – SSWC11 – in Ireland this coming August.

Maybe #2 will see it’s first racing action at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Maybe. #1 earned the start. But you never know what will happen @ The Back of the Pack.

3 thoughts on “You Gotta Check This Out! The Black Sheep Fastback Coupler

  1. Wow it's like a folding bike without the fold.
    But you really really really wouldn't want those allen screws to come loose on, let's say, a rough and rutted downhill!

    Cheers Brent

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Brent. Yeah. But I won't worry about that. It's a very secure, robust design – plus I'm sure the Black Sheep dudes have it all figured out. Not a worry. Enjoy your summer – it will be fall 'down there' before you know it. I hope, I'm tired of this winter weather 'up here'.


  3. Weather has been great but the last few weeks we have copped a bit of bad weather due to a few tropical cyclones. Still warm though. Rode on Sunday for about 70k in 3 hours and drank 4 litres, it was about 28-30 degrees, hot as hell, it was hot, damn hot.We get a humid heat which only beer can fix. You seem to be having a hell of a winter, lots of snow. I'll take the heat anyday!


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