Just Miles in January

What can I say? I’m right on track. My goal for 2011 was 4800+ miles – I logged 400 for January. It took a late night snow ride to break 400. But I did it.  Check the data, dude.


Breaking through 400 Miles in the Snow, January 31st

The rides last weekend were interesting. The ride on Friday became a cruise in the park prior to a late lunch and an early dinner with The TeddNeck and family. Cool. The SYDC group ride was a group race with The Judd trailing far behind. (Recall, us Back of the Pack Racers can ride, but we can’t race. Too big, too slow, too cool, too handsome. We just cruise.) The Sunday tour of the ABQ Foothills was filled with interesting people. That’s a polite way of saying…. OK, I won’t say it.

So, miles were logged and that’s about it. One more weekend of big miles before THE TAPER starts. BTW, what the hell is A TAPER. Is that a convenient way of saying “I’m sick of training, I’ll take this week off. Let’s go get a big greasy cheeseburger.”

Anyway just for fun, let’s review the Back of the Pack data for last week. The data proves what you were thinking. a) The Judd logged the most miles, b) The Morale Chairman was busy being busy, c) Prob-eee was taking naps and downing the Gerital, d) The Lt Col was doing something – but has no proof, e) Rhino was just riding.

The details:

Fri. 5.74 mi, 942 ft vertical, 525 calories, 132 avg bpm, 167 max bpm
Sat. 75.51 mi, 5432 ft vertical, 4812 calories, 148 avg bpm, 177 max bpm
Sun. 43.24 mi, 5575 ft vertical, 3403 calories, 136 avg bpm, 173 max bpm
Mon. 2.17 mi, 143 ft vertical, 132 calories, 114 avg bpm, 147 max bpm

Total: Too Many Miles to Count!

Fri. 30.21 miles, 2833 ft vertical
Sat  25.2 miles, 2075 ft vertical
Sun 21.5 miles, 2522 ft vertical

Total: Hell, who cares!


SS,Social ride: 12 miles, 2 hr, 2306′

SS fixed wheel: 10 miles, 35 min, 600 feet,
Yep, Rhino’s hardcore. Just an easy ride to stretch the legs one morning

SS: 42 rough ass miles, 5322′, 6:35, 151 avg bpm, 185 max bpm, 7.4mph avg

Total: 64 miles in the ragin’ Arizona Sun

The Lt Col:
Uh. A couple of hours in the hills. A couple hours in the gym. More than a couple hours at the breakfast burrito factory.

Total: 12 burritos and about 15 miles.

The Morale Chairman:
Uh. Right on schedule with the zero training approach.

Total: A few cheetos, a few burritos, a few diet cokes and a few Healthy Choice Microwave Meals.

Some Interesting Data from The Judd’s Ride:

San Ysidro Dirty Century Preride. Oh Yeah. Preride Race.

Just An Image of SYDC


Just the Foothills. Boring!

You’ve seen this before. I think


Just Some Pics:
Can’t a Dead Cow get any PRIVACY in the Wild West?


What’s that Smell?


As the TeddNeck would say… “What a Thug”


As the Madre would say… “Little Juddy is SOOO Handsome”
Yep. The Johnny is no MORE! I GIVE UP!
I’m Civilized! I’m not a Hairy Monkey! Evolution is Just a Theory!
Good Luck will RETURN if I RETURN to the Clean Cut Lifestyle.


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