24 Hrs in the Old Pueblo: The Day Before

It’s On. The killer pit is set. The bikes are ready. The Back of the Pack ‘racers’ are ready.

And the weather forecast is improving. Not that ‘the weather’ is much of an issue for us dudes @ the back of the pack.

Some notable items.

1) Black Rhino Porter is the official Back of the Pack beer.
2) The TeddNeck’s 1st ride in 2011 is 10 mile preride. Nothing like saving your legs.
3) Prob-eee wanted to stay home. But fame and fortune convinced him to make the trip.
4) The weather is unpredictable. Just like The Judd.

The Back of the Pack Pit
Black Rhino Porter. Killer


Black Rhino Porter. The BPR Beer


Breakfast. Back of the Pack Style

— Post From My iPhone at 24 Hrs in the Old Pueblo

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