The Cabezon Loop = Prob-eee and the WIZzzzzard

Small bladders? Damn. Prob-eee either a) has the smallest bladder known to man, b) is mentally incapable of dealing with a little bit of discomfort, c) has figured out how to ‘punch’ The Judd’s buttons.

Unbelievable! A group of us went on an easy, but long, ride out and around Cabezon Peak. The ride was ~ 57.2 miles (gps) with a lame 3660 feet of vertical. I almost fell asleep the ride was so ‘easy’. But every time I was about to fall asleep the convoy STOPPED. With NO notice.  Every time I zoned out…. Prob-eee jumped off the bike to relieve pressure. At the worst: 2 stops in 4 miles. At the best: 2 stops in 8 miles. I think the dude needs to find another doctor that has a bit more experience examining that prostate and the effects of an ENLARGED ONE. I’m not a proctologist – so I can’t say for certain – but the dude has bladder problems.

OH WELL. Enough ripping on Prob-eee. I think. WAIT. I seem to recall that The Lt Col wakes up about 3 or 4 times a night due to The WIZzzzzard. Yeah. I think The Lt Col’s record if 5 WIZzzzzards in one night. Man. I hope I never get old.

Anyway. It was a good day on the bike. The Lt Col surprised us all and showed up for a few miles. Just a few. That’s cool. But he didn’t stick around for the photo finish. That’s OK. I’d smoked him anyway.

So not much to report. Just dirt, just miles, just good conversation. That’s about it.


Uh. Could this be Cabezon Peak?

The Results? The Result! Every ride is a RACE!

1st Place: The Judd
2nd Place: Big John Studd – But the geared dude could of pulled out the victory, if only Mr Studd knew it was a race. Full Disclosure? Yeah right!
3rd Place: Prob-eee. 65 seconds back
4th Place: The Morale Chairman. 83 seconds back.

Just the Data:

Just the Track. Dude


Dude. Don’t MISS A TURN


The GPS Basics

Just Some Pics:

The Lt Col saying Goodbye: Goodbye Lt Col: See You Next Time
Hightlight #3 and Cabezon Peak
The Crew for the Loop
The Morale Chairman, The TeddNeck. Flying Old Skool Colors
I hate BEARDS. But it’s a CHALLENGE!
It’s coming OFF SOON! Maybe
Budlight? In the Middle of NOWHERE? What. Are we in LEADVILLE?
A Sheep and A Gate
A Sheep, A Gate, Cabezon Peak
Rolling with the Beard. Rockin’ the Club Ride Go West Shirt.
Bitchin’ Patches, Huh.
Prob-eee. The Moocher Mooching Food. As Always.
Prob-eee: Finishing WIZzzzzard #4
Prob-eee: Finishing WIZzzzzard #9. No Joke
Prob-eee: Finishing WIZzzzzard #11 OUT OF 14. NO JOKE!

3 thoughts on “The Cabezon Loop = Prob-eee and the WIZzzzzard

  1. Judd,

    Random Dude here…(the one who incorrectly addressed the Lt Col as Prob-eee last year)

    Got another random question for ya…What is up with the guy in spandex rockin' a Moots with suspension and thirty two gears? I would at least expect a disclaimer on that one…

    Random Dude / aka Jason C.


  2. Dude, aka, Jason C. No need to worry. Sometimes we, the Back of the Pack Racing crew, pick up lost senior citizens. We don't discriminate. We treat all senior citizens equally. Yep, Prob-eee gets the same attention as The Padre. The dude in spandex and rolling with gears – just a dude lost in the wilderness. But I we had a chance to educate Mr Big John Studd. I'm sure Mr Studd will be rolling a fully rigid SS and wearing PLAID in no time.

    Thanks for your comment. It's great to know that someone out there cares. AND The Lt Col isn't really pissed that you addressed him as Prob-eee. Oh, that's a lie. The Lt Col spits blood every time I bring that up.

    Stay Cool, Judd


  3. Random Dude,

    Please don't come down on the Judd for this. It's true, I was lost and now am found. Plus they made me lock out my suspension and promise never to shift.

    The Senior Citizen


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