Prob-eee Saves the Day

What can I say? The Hustorian is all about honesty. The Hustorian is all about documenting history.

Today Prob-eee and I went out for a ride. I took an easy 12 mile cruise on the sheep, a cruise from The Pad to the Cedro trails. THEN I met up with Prob-eee. THEN I spend 2 hours on the trail thinking about how to RIP Prob-eee in the blog-o-sphere. THEN it happened… I needed some help from Prob-eee. And Prob-eee delivered. Damn. Time to be nice to Prob-eee.

The Background:

Ok. The Basics. The Background. The Judd, The Hustorian DOES NOT usually ride in a group. A dude at the Back of the Pack is an expert at riding alone. Yeah. If there is a killer XC ride (that’s Cross Country for the rookies in the B.P.R. Fan Club) I’m cool with a riding group. But a simple 20 mile ride? Leave me alone. I train best at my pace – not your pace.

BUT there are a few times when I bend the rules.

  1. If The Lt Col wants to ride, I’m there. Why? Because. I have a million questions about the military honor code, the rules of ‘saluting’ and insanely probing (not Prob-eee) questions about aircraft and pilot S*^T. I want to know. Therefore I will hang with The Lt Col. Oh Yeah. The Lt Col is a B.P.R. Founding Father and the Elder Statesman. Enough said.
  2. I try to blow off Prob-eee. I really try. But every now and then I must lend a hand, I must do what I can to pull Prob-eee off his yoga mat and onto his wicked Black Sheep. Yeah, Prob-eee doesn’t want to leave his comfort zone. He would rather practice his naked yoga moves than ride his Black Sheep. I know, I know. The dude is weird.
  3. Foxy Mama! Damn. If a Foxy Mama wants to ride, ride with The Judd. It’ll happen. End of story.

The Events:

Like I said.  I spent 2+ hours on the ride thinking about how I could ‘highlight’ the current Prob-eee issues. I could talk about:
  1. The cute purse Prob-eee strapped to his handlebars
  2. The custom made, cute fanny pack that Prob-eee sports. Custom made with custom embroidery that says ‘Ride with Prob-eee, Love with Prob-eee’
  3. The cute leg and arm warmers that Prob-eee soaks in lotion and wears not for ‘warmth’ but simply to protect his delicate skin in the harsh New Mexico environment.
BUT… disaster struck:
As usual The Judd was clearing the track for Mr Geriatric – Prob-eee. Then all of a sudden a big rock jumped out of the trail and slashed The Judd’s rear tire. It was OVER. A massive 1 inch gash in the sidewall. Oh well. Just a $58 tire. F*^K! But… The Judd rides prepared. Just put in the tube and get back to the frantic pace – at the Back of the Pack.
Well. Life is not so simple at times. The Judd’s NEW tube, NEW tube with SLIM had a small hole. The small hole turned into a massive SLIM infused leak once the hand pump applied a constant rush of air. CRAP! 7 Miles from civilization. Survival in question! (Did I say ‘NEW’ tube?)
Prob-eee to the rescue! Prob-eee pulled out his 1 year old tube – the tube stuck in his fanny pack, I mean seat pack for the last year. Prob-eee is as Prob-eee does. Prob-eee handed over the tube and a Clif Bar wrapper to pad the slash in the sidewall. Prob-eee and his 1 year old tube saved the day. Thank you Prob-eee. You’re awesome! Just get rid of those stupid lotion laced arm warmers. Please? Please!
Tense Times in the Thicket

The Way It Is:

So. Prob-eee not only saved the day – saved The Judd from a 7 mile walk. BUT Prob-eee finally decided to PAY UP. (Like PAY UP SUCKER) – . Yep, Prob-eee owed The Judd lunch plus interest for the last two months. So Lunch + Interest = Lunch + Beer at Backside Ale House.  And Prob-eee paid up – Sucker!

Better yet. Prob-eee offered up a ride up to Backside Ale House. It’s an easy 7 mile ride from the trail – but why waste valuable time riding the asphalt – especially when Prob-eee is offering up a ride.

AND, as always, the Foxy Mamas at Backside Ale House provided killer food and some good conversation. Why else would we (I) hang out at such a place?  What’s better than a medium rare cheeseburger prepared by a hottie wearing a Rancid t-shirt. Simply AWESOME!

The Pics:

Two Sheep. One Titanium. One Steel.


FIRST and LAST time you will see The Judd’s Black Sheep on a bike rack, dude
Whose Sheep is the Baddest Sheep? The Judd’s, of course

How do you double the value of Prob-eee’s Honda Fit?
You put 2 Black Sheep on the bike rack, dude

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