The Trance is the Motion

The Days are BORING… The Nights are WORSE. But that’s the way it is when you are a) over the hill, b) have a one track mind, c) preparing physically AND mentally for a wild summer.

That’s right. I’m basically staying home during May. June is packed with races and July is packed with adventures. So right now it’s all about long hours on the bike. Mostly fixie / asphalt miles but a few rides on the single speed… in the dirt.

These long days on the bike force you to let the mind wander. It’s best to block out the boredom, the heat, the pain. It’s best to just keep the cranks turning – by any means possible. It’s best to face the challenge head on, face the challenge on a 34 x 14 fixie – not a 34 x 27. (Right Prob-eee? Right!)

Because I’m forced to work for a living – what a drag – I decided to do what every bike loving dude would do. I start off the day with a nice 20.5 mile ride. Then I take a 9 hour detour to something called ‘work’. Then I finish the day off with another 20.5 mile ride. That’s right. Time to commute to work on the fixie Black Sheep. Time for the 41 mile commute. (Ok 41 miles +/- 0.05 miles)

Yeah. The Madre isn’t too happy with me, she’s not too happy that I’m riding the fixie on N14 and Route 66. I’m a middle aged dude and The Madre is still worried about little Judd. (Too bad little Judd is 6’1″ and 215 lbs. Which the World Heath Organization may call obese.)  I wonder if The Madre will be worried when I tell her that I volunteered for the 1st manned mission to Mars. That’s right. I have a 0.00001 chance of being the 1st human on Mars. Wanna go?

Anyway. June is a long way off – I have many more days of the B.P.R. Commute – Fixie Style. I wonder how many miles I’ll rack up in May. Guess what. I’ll have the data compiled and posted on June 1st. Imagine that.

I’ll ride on the path – because I’m not in a hurry…. dude

The Trance is the Motion:

I know. I know. All you dudes & dudettes are bored stiff with the last number of postings. Sorry dude & dudette. Not much going on. The Lt Col is hiding out in his Bungalow. The Morale Chairman is working and cruising for new fancy pants. Mad Rhino is sunbathing in the Arizona desert. Prob-eee is meditating in his naked downward dog pose. So it’s bad. I know it. I feel it.

To add to the crazy boredom I generated a video of my daily commute. See Madre, it Ain’t that Bad!


The Trance is the Motion. One can survive the spring doldrums by living in a trance, a trance fueled by Static-X

So. Humor me. Watch the video and enjoy Static-X.

The B.P.R. Commute from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
The Trance Is The Motion

The Ride, The Data:


5 thoughts on “The Trance is the Motion

  1. This is EXACTLY what I was experiencing in January here in Colorado. I commuted almost 22 miles one way along C470, freeeeeeeezing my um, fingers, off every morning and then having to use my light for the ride home….and on my iPod? Serious amounts of Static-X, Slipknot, Korn, Tool and of course, Disturbed.


  2. Damn. I haven't commuted to work in the winter – but that's my goal. I need the snow bike just in case a big storm hits. Yeah. That's how I'm justifying a snow bike – then I can go snowbikepacking.


  3. Or…in the interest of national security, missing a day of work due to an inadequate snow commuter would have disasterous national consequences…somewhere, in some way. Surely. So snow rigs are essential and justified. But, also for many other reasons..


  4. I like the way you think. Yes – a proper snow rig is required for many reasons. Personal and professional. AND proofreading? Yikes. Proofreading is more difficult than writing (or riding). I can never find the mistakes because my mind 'sees' what it want's to see – which is 100% grammatical perfection even when the the literary work of art if full of grade school mistakes. Oh well. We all know what we mean. I think


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