The Enchanted Forest: Some Trails & Some Jazzercise

What can I say? I’m a SS freak and a Jazzercise freak.
So, I was out cruising the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest course yesterday – Saturday, June 11th. I was checking the trail conditions & looking for some opportunities for Jazzercise. It was a very successful ride, I think.
Before the Action… a Few Pics:
uh, you should pay attention to the signs
traveling solo, as usual
I say Baby Bovine
Prob-eee the Vegetarian says VEAL!


the romance


some cows, some sheep

The Updates:

  1. The course is perfect
  2. The course is fast
  3. The ‘green stuff’ is green
  4. The air is clear – the smoke is…. somewhere else
  5. A few corners are ‘soft’ BUT it’s a mountain bike race, dude. This ain’t no road race.
  6. And a few ‘Daytona 500 30 deg banks’ were built at a few fast ‘soft’ corners. Just because. And they’re bitchin’. Lay it over, dude.
  7. No loose rocks, all have been cleared by the Gallup Trails and the Gallup Youth Conservation Corps – or whoever does the maintenance.
  8. There are still rough sections – because it’s a mountain bike race – so your sidewalls could feel the pain. Yep, it’s a mountain bike race.
  9. If you’re a complainer – you’ll find something to complain about. And I’ll call you a complainer, complainer.
  10. If you’re loving life at the back of the pack – you’ll be loving life at 24HITEF, dude & dudette.
Well. Life is good. It’s a bit crazy now. I had no intention of cruising out to the 24HITEF staging area – but I was ‘instructed‘ to show up. Yep. I can’t say no. I’m there for anything and everything that relates to Back of the Pack Racing. You say ‘jump’ and I say ‘how high – if it’s for Back of the Pack Racing.‘ Yeah, I’m just the ‘YES MAN‘. One of these days I’ll ask for some cash-oh-la. Ok, no I won’t.
Actually. I’m full of it. I’m the master at saying ‘No’. That’s probably why all the Foxy Mamas are allergic to The Judd. Below is an example a few conversations that took place in the last week:
Foxy Mama: Hey Judd, Wanna go to dinner?
The Judd: No.
Foxy Mama: Hey Judd, Can I make you dinner?
The Judd: No.
Foxy Mama: Hey Judd, my back hurts. Will you give me a massage?
The Judd: No.
Foxy Mama: Hey Judd, can I have a drink of your beer?
The Judd: No f’n way!
Foxy Mama: Hey Judd, Can I have a bite of your cheeseburger?
The Judd: Are you crazy? No f’n way!
The Course Video:
Sit back and enjoy the tunes. If you are an impatient fool – go to the 4:30 mark for some Zone 1 and Zone 2 training via Back of the Pack Yoga and Jazzercise.
24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest – Preride

Just Jazzercise:
For all you impatient fools – this videos is all Zone 1 and Zone 2 training – just Yoga and Jazzercise. No trail stuff. So, kick back and Jazzercise! And if you’re too cool to Jazzercise – then you’re just too cool.


Back of the Pack Jazzercise in the Enchanted Forest
The Course Data:
The Track: Ride it Clockwise, Dude!
Ones and Zeros


5 thoughts on “The Enchanted Forest: Some Trails & Some Jazzercise

  1. Soooo… uhhh… haha… thats 12min 21sec of my life that i'll never get back…. it was like a car wreck, I wanted to look away but couldn't…, ok, ok, it was kinda funny.. I said kinda, settle down.


  2. Was that Jeff Bridges Crazy Heart music on the video? Loving it. Did you pick that Goat Roper music just for me? ahh thanks.

    I was going to pre-ride the course on Friday…but now I don't have too and I can sit around and drink beers and heckle the event staff.


  3. Rhino. No need to preride the beast. I've been 'told' that I'm helping with the course marking on Thursday – thus I'll know everything there is to know about the trail. Plus – lap 1…. you'll be stuck in the train at the back of the pack. You need no course knowledge. You just need to smile for the camera.


  4. Rhino… if you heckle the event staff you must present them with beer. By the way there was some dude named Rhino in my dream last night (get your minds outta the gutter) and I haven't even met you. My, but your reputation looms large (seriously, get your minds outta the gutter). See ya there!


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