24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest: A Few Thoughts before the RACE!

Well, It’s on. The crew, the USA crew, is headed to 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest.

The results? Well the official results will be posted late Sunday. But we all know that The Judd will be at the Front of The Back of the Pack. The other dudes in the B.P.R. Crew will be battling it out at the Back of The Back of the Pack. Should be interesting. Show up, pound a few beers with the crew, and enjoy life. Because that is what it is all about – living life to the fullest in the Alternate Reality defined at The Back of the Pack.

A few honorable mentions prior to the biggest race of the year.

  1. Club Ride had grace us obese freaks with some killer plaid. We’ve put Club Ride to the test and all we know is that… the Foxy Mamas dig The Judd in Club Ride Plaid – The New West. It brings the BLUE out The Judd’s beautiful, mesmerizing eyes.
  2. The Lt Col gave up on the 32 x 21 and is back to the 34 x 19. 2:1 baby! It’s all about crank revolutions and pain management. It’s all about standing up and saving the A$$ from the effects of SS induced chaffage.
  3. Prob-eee is bringing enough White Zinfandel for a small army. Just because he owns a White Zinfandel distributorship. Seriously, The Judd’s addicted to titanium (Black Sheep titanium, to be specific) and the Prob-eee is addicted to White Zinfandel.
  4. The Founding Fathers can’t keep Prob-eee in line, therefore B.P.R. favorite Texan, Ricky Bobby, is showing up with his boots, his hat, his RV and his Texas attitude.
  5. Mad Rhino is shipping in a few truckloads of Black Porter Rhino – just for the Founding Fathers. Can you say ‘3rd Field Promotion’.
  6. The Brothers Rohwer are in stellar (get it, Black Sheep Stellar) shape, but still obese. The Brothers Rohwer train at 215 lbs and race at 215 lbs. Ok, ok. The TeddNeck sits on the couch at 215 lbs. The Judd trains at 215 lbs.
So. We all have big expectations for 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest. Yes, we intend to maximize the fun, make new friends, and enjoy life. Because that’s what we do….
Dude, A Conversation @ The Back of the Pack. You MUST Check It Out!


The Beautiful Nieces Rohwer Showing Off the New B.P.R. Banner
The Beautiful Judd Viburnum outside The Judd’s Pad
No Joke, Jokester. The Judd Viburnum


A Red Hot Poker, Joker

And when I’m out on the trail – all alone for 24 Hours – I think about s*^t like this.

Except Bono says “went out walking with the Bible and the sun”.

Johnny says “went out walking with the Bible and a gun”. Big difference. I like the original, Johnny’s that is.

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