24 Hrs in the Enchanted Forest: 2011 Race Review

The Lt Col is triumphant! For the last time. The Lt Col smoked The Judd, Mad Rhino, The Morale Chairman and Prob-eee. The Lt Col thinks he is king. Well, he is. For one day. His minor victory has forced The Judd into a massive Paradigm Shift, again. His minor victory has sealed his fate as a dude that was ‘once at the Front of the Back of the Pack’. The Lt Col’s minor victory has finally awoken the sleeping giant – The Judd. Yeah right, I’ve lost it… again.

Anyway, even though The Lt Col smoked us all, even though The Judd was the one on the side of the trail crying – not The Lt Col, even though NO Back of the Pack racer broke the 200 mile barrier…. we all had an awesome weekend in the Enchanted Forest – The Zunis.

That’s right. It was one wild weekend of racing at the World’s Greatest 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race. For those of you that just woke up from a snooze, a snooze Rip Van Winkle style , 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest – A Race to Solve CFS was held June 18th / 19th. And if you weren’t there – you missed the best weekend of mountain biking – and that’s no joke.

AND if you don’t believe me (yeah, why would you) check out our buddy Brian Leddy’s writeup in Mountain Flyer.

24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest Serves Up the Good Times

AND buy some damn pictures from the dude. Or come over to my house, The Judd’s Palatial Estate, I have like 400 of his pictures. All of ‘me’ riding solo – of course.

BPR at 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest – Images by Brian Leddy

The Race through the Enchanted Forest:

If you haven’t participated in the 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest – then show up for 2012. We’ll keep a spot for you in the B.P.R. compound.

Anyway, there is not much to say about the race other than:

  • Best 24 hour track in the world
  • Best 24 hour race in terms of organization
  • Best group of volunteers
  • Best group of search & rescue
  • Best 24 hour pre-race party, which is a preparty
  • Best 24 hour post party
  • The Best 24 hour beer – Black Porter Rhino… DLJ.
  • And… the best performance of the Star-Spangled banner by Hailey Fortin playing the tenor sax. Hailey is the oldest daughter in the B.P.R.’s favorite racing family – the Big Bad Joe Fortin Family.

So… after all that, not much to say about the race at the Back of the Pack. The Judd was turning the fastest laps – but didn’t keep the cranks turning. The Lt Col turned the slowest laps – next to Prob-eee – but kept the cranks turning. That’s just they way it goes. BUT The Judd is one smart dude, lesson learned… again.

And some Philosophy from The Philosofizer – in 24 Hour Back of the Pack Style:
Judd-fucius, like Confucius, says: If you’re in the dirt and dirty with two wheels under you… you’re probably mountain biking. 


The B.P.R. Award Winning Beer – Black Porter Rhino… DLJ Batch


the award winning beer and award winning label… Mad Rhino Style

The Mad Rhino Warning

The B.P.R. Social Summary:
We had an unbelievable time – in the social sense. We reacquainted with old friends, hung out with new friends, met some strangers that were stranger than us. (Is that possible?) Just another race in New Mexico with the coolest dudes and dudettes.

The Results:

  • The Lt Col: “I really don’t have a job, I train 7 days a week and watch out when I officially retire in 18 months” Award, 11 laps ~ 177.0 miles, 4th in solo single speed.
  • The Judd: “Yeah I took 6 hours off, I was at the Casino, dude” Award, 10 laps ~ 160.8 miles, 6th in solo single speed.
  • Mad Rhino: “I have the best crew in the world, my family, therefore I’ll turn laps with 20 second pit stops” Award, 8 laps ~ 128.4 miles, 9th in solo single speed
  • The Morale Chairman: “I may break a spoke then I’ll break another spoke and another spoke then I steal The Judd’s backup wheels and break more spokes. Yeah I don’t need my own backup wheels” Award, 7 laps ~ 112.2 miles, ? in solo single speed.
    • Results? There is a problem – The TeddNeck DIDN’T place 11th in solo single speed. A 7 second lap is not possible, I think. Yeah. I did the math, not possible.
  • Prob-eee: “Dude, I have an AARP card, I’m just fine ‘coming close‘ to 100 miles” Award, 6 laps ~ 96 miles, 19th in solo single speed.
  • Ricky Bobby: The Best B.P.R. Pit Crew leader of 2011. I’m sure he’ll be back to organize the ludacracy in 2012. Thanks Ricky Bobby. You’re the best, even if you drink wine with Prob-eee.
The Back of the Pack Championship Series:

The Lt Col made up some ground in the B.P.R. Championship Series. Like it matters. The Judd has a commanding lead and the lead will grow during the 2nd half of the series

The B.P.R. Junior League:

  • Noah: 1st place in the 9 year old race – solo single speed.
  • Tyler: 4th place in the coed 10+ year old race – solo geared.
  • Avery: 6th place in the coed 10+ year old race – solo single speed.
  • Paige: Uh, Paige didn’t race. Something about her pink single speed not matching her black B.P.R. team shirt. Just joking. Paige was busy reading her 4th book in a 24 hour period. Yep, Paige is an 24 Hour Endurance Reader – 8 year old Back of the Pack style.
  • Rhino’s Daughters? They were busy tending to Rhino’s scripted pit checklist. No Joke. Rhino runs a tight ship.
The Back of the Pack Kids starting at the Back of the Pack
…of course

The Psychology of the Philosofizer:
The Demonoid Phenomenon, as always

  • Lap 1: My legs hurt… My Cheetos Gut is causing performance issues… I should quit!
  • Lap 2: I’m hungry and need a Coke…. I should quit!
  • Lap 3: I just ate pizza, chips, candy and drank a Coke. I hurt all over…. I should quit!
  • Lap 4 I’m bored out on the trails. I’m Uncomfortable & the band EVOLUTION is about to crank up the tunes… I should quit!
  • Lap 5: The band is playing, the foxy mamas are dancing, the beer is flowing… I should quit!
  • Lap 6: I’m hauling ass! This is my fasting lap… I should quit at the top of my game!
  • Lap 7: I just ate more pizza in celebration of the Lap 6 performance. I’m about to puke. My Legs are toast… I should quit! Ok. Maybe I’ll take 6 hours off and go to the casino.
  • Lap 8: It’s 5:50am. My legs hurt. Is my Cheetos Gut really a Middle Aged Beer Gut?…. I should quit.
  • Lap 9: The beer is flowing, I’m thirsty, I’m hungry…. I should quit.
  • Lap 10: Game Over! No more time to race…I quit!

The Lessons Learned, some serious & some not so serious. You Decide:

  • Would you work an entire day without eating lunch. (You probably would, I wouldn’t.) So why do SS freaks at the Back of the Pack eat breakfast before a 24 hour race (that starts at noon) but skip lunch? Weird. It probably would be wise to start the race on a full stomach instead of surviving 24 hours on an empty stomach.
  • Formula brakes are awesome. Formula brake pads suck. Scrub Components brake pads make it all awesome. Yep. The new Scrub Components brake pads take the screech out of the Formula brake assembly. Now I can ‘race’ in super stealth mode – watch out Lt Col & Rhino. Now I’ll be able to scare the hell out of you guys whenever I want.
  • Don’t go 2 days without changing socks. 2 days without brushing your teeth is ok. But 2 days without changing (or taking off) the socks is GROSS!
  • If it’s not 105 deg, Rhino and family are cold. Seriously
  • How much does a $5000 bike go for on EBay? I don’t know. I’m sure Paul is glad that he doesn’t know either.
  • Don’t expect to find ‘available’ couches at Gallup Goodwill. If Goodwill has a couch for sale, there is a high probability that some old lady is cashed out on the couch or unwilling to move due to an extremely interesting crossword puzzle. Yeah, just a high probability.
  • B.P.R. must acquire a ‘short bus’ like the one our buddy Matt from Flagstaff rolls in. Yeah, a short bus is a must have.

The Ludacracy:

  • Ricky Bobby = Big Texan. Have you ever watched a Texan eat pancakes? Interesting.
  • You ever have a band jam out in your living room? Evolution jammed out in B.P.R.’s living room – or I should say lounge. Wicked!
  • The Pugsley dudes can rip a 1hr 10min lap on those sweet 36 lbs bikes. I was ripping 1hr 30 minute laps. Ludacracy with the BIG WHEELS!
  • Someone said ‘Everything gets better with age’. Well, how about the endurance mountain bike freaks that I ‘race’ against.
    • El Feako =  45 years old = 2nd place solo single speed. 13 laps
    • Big Bad Joe Fortin = 46 years old = 2nd place solo geared. 13 laps
    • Rich ‘can you say bio diesel’ Capener = 40 something = 3rd place sole geared. 13 laps
Back of the Pack Ludacracy says: 1) it’s great to be a Texan… or at least eat pancakes like a Texan, 2) you’re more comfortable dancing in your own living room, 3) You’re a killer dude if you can cruise down a hill pulling a wheelie… Pugsley wheelie style, 4) The Judd (38) WILL get better with age – then the super freaks must watch their backs, i.e., will need to work a little harder to protect their podium spots.

The English Connection…. from England:
It’s funny how use dudes at the Back of the Pack always run into the coolest people in the world. United States, Canada, New Zealand, England, Mexico – wherever – we hang with the coolest dudes and dudettes in the world.

Our new friends Roy and Judy made the long trek over from England. Dorking England, I think. The dude and dudette have an addiction to 24 hour mountain bike racing and a love of good beer combined with ludacracy. So, Roy and Judy belong at the Back of the Pack – obviously.

Hopefully I’ll can swing a deal and head over to England and Europe in the next year or two.. head over to spread a little ludacracy and hang with killer dudes and dudettes. Roy and Judy have me convinced that 24 hours of Rome is a party I can’t miss. I’m thinking 24 hours of Rome in 2012… on the Fixie Black Sheep – just because. Wanna go?

Yes. 2012 will be a year for The Nomadic Judd – New Zealand in the spring. England and Europe in the fall. Now all I need is a Sugar Mama. Or all I need to do is cut loose all the Foxy Mamas that use me as Sugar Daddy. (Yeah, I’m dreaming – in many ways.)

if B.P.R.’s buddies in England dig it, we dig it, of course

The Quotes of the Race:

  • Noah to The Lt Col:
    • Noah: Dad, how come The Judd is so good at Math and rides a bike so fast?
  • Tyler (Lt Col’s son) to Prob-eee:
    • Tyler: Prob-eee what’s that on your head?
    • Prob-eee: It’s a skull cap
    • Tyler:  It looks like head spandex
  • DrunkCyclist.com to The TeddNeck at a ‘beer station’:
    • DrunkCyclist: Dude! Cheers… stop for a beer and a shot!
    • The TeddNeck: Nah, got to keep cranking away.
    • DrunkCyclist: What, you think you’re an athlete all of a sudden?

The Final Summary of the Summary:

You know, the weather wasn’t perfect. But the experience was perfect. If you’ve forgotten… there is one massive forest fire in eastern Arizona and parts of western New Mexico. Many people are in a world of hurt. So we were all lucky to participate in the world’s greatest 24 hour mountain bike race. Sure I’m still digging out dirt from previously unknown wrinkles in my inner ear. But that’s cool.

The 2011 edition of 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest was an unbelievable experience. For Back of the Pack Racing it was a 96 hour adventure, an adventure that we will repeat in 2012.

AND… not only was the race awesome – the racers, the spectators, the volunteers, the workers were (are) all awesome. I’ve never been around so many cool dudes and dudettes. It’s truly amazing how all us ‘strangers’ can get along so well. Must be lack of oxygen at 8000+ feet above sea level. (What’s the elevation of sea level?)

The Videos, Because I like Videos:

Just remember – fully rigid single speed = no motion compensation. Enjoy the music and the views, dude.

24HITEF – 2011 – The Ride to the Start from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest, 2011 – a cruise to the start… Back of the Pack Style


24HITEF – 2011 – The Race from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest, 2011 – just a cruise around the trail, Lap 1 … Back of the Pack Style

The Pics:

Just a few pics. I’ll add more later. Like you care. You’re here for the B.P.R. Ludacracy and the videos, huh?

The Brothers Rohwer heading west with The Black Sheep


Cougars are Cool
yeah don’t run… I never run when cornered by a Cougar…. I think


The Bill and The TeddNeck marking the 24HITEF Trail


just because


The Back of the Pack Lounge


The Back of the Pack Compound


The Crew @ The Pit


The Crew @ The Start


the action shot – thanks Rick


If you’re an expert in the B.P.R. Operating Instructions… 
you’d think The Judd doesn’t do a damn thing
Well, The Judd changes The TeddNecks flat tires. Because someone must do it.

The Course Data:

Uh. My GPS (Garmin 705) is dead. Just like my Contour HD 1080P helmet cam. Sucks to be me. Wanna sponsor Back of the Pack Racing and my addictions to technology? If so, send me an email.

If you want to see the course data – check out this posting from my pre-ride and jazzercise session in the Zunis.

The Link: The Enchanted Forest, The Trails, The Jazzercise – B.P.R. Style

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