Back to Civilization: New Zealand Aventures Part 1

Well, I survived my time down in Antarctica and I’m back recovering in New Zealand. Yes. I call it recovering – not vacation. The original plan was to arrive in New Zealand & head south for some ‘training’ down in the area around Queenstown & Wanaka. Yeah, training for the 2011 edition of the 240km Le Petite Brevet.

Why would I pick a place like Wanaka to train? Because. That’s where the action is. 2/3rds of the B.P.R. NZ Chapter live in this area. Which means I have free tour guides.

Anyway, we shall see if I actually line up on Saturday morning for the Brevet. I’ve been off the bike for a month and don’t exactly have the endurance that I did a few months ago. I could suffer through the ride – but if I convince myself that it’d take 4 days when I only have 2 days – then I’ll go for Plan B. Yes, Plan B is the leisure route. I could ride all the killer trails on the Brevet with Dan, enjoy the views and watch Jasper suffer like only a Kiwi can suffer. So I’ll decided in a few days whether or not to execute Plan A or Plan B.

So, before the pictures of the 1st two days on the New Zealand adventure check out a few pictures from Antarctica.


The South Pole. Wow! When I return to the great U.S.A I’ll post INSANE video and pictures of my adventure to the South Pole. Until then – the proof… if you haven’t checked out these pics on the B.P.R. Facebook Page.

Talk about an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I wish I could go back. Then again I don’t.

The Ceremonial South Pole

 The Judd @ The Geographic South Pole 
sporting the Black Sheep gear – of course

The Final Days in McMurdo:

the final cruise on the snow chopper

I like to call McMurdo…
the ‘World’s most southern prison camp with a work release program”

Headed to the Adventure Capital of the World:

headed to Queenstown then Wanaka, checking out Mt Cook in the distance

New Zealand Bungy:

the before. is that a smile or just fear leaving the body?

not an option – had to do it – pure insanity!

a fan club? a gallery?
nope, just tourists hoping for a big SPLASH!

I’m all upside down

Ludacracy – B.P.R New Zealand Style:

 when you stay with Dan and family – you get rally car driving lessons
in the back yard… of course
on the 1st night… of course

The Mountains & The Bike & The Sheep:

the 1st ride – Arrowtown to Macetown with Henry and Dan
only took out one thorn bush with my face

the West Wanaka trail around Lake Wanaka

big bad Dan crossing a raging river
the POWER in PLAID is proven once AGAIN!

just taking a break near the end of the ride

The Judd, The Black Sheep and The Black Sheep

One thought on “Back to Civilization: New Zealand Aventures Part 1

  1. “don't go half-pie, go all out, eh, and earn yourself some Maori Roast, a handle or some hokey-pokey”….ha…Ctmadre


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