Antarctica – Just Crazy Stuff

just random pics, crazy artwork and other stuff…

Pics from around McMurdo:

the view from the NSF Chalet – panorama style on a clear day

the view from the NSF Chalet – panorama style in Condition 2
some dorms

the dorm room – shared with two freakish hooligans from Denver. Yes, Prob-eee would go nuts without personal space required for his naked yoga. I’d go nuts maneuvering around a roommate that was a naked yoga freak.

uh, ok

a room with a view

the coffee house that only serves coffee from 7PM to 11PM on Mon – Sat. But opens at 11AM on Sunday – the only day off down here.

my hangout in the coffee shop – an old quonset hut that was built back when the U.S. Navy ran McMurdo and the operations down in Antarctica.

this is how we spend our day off – sunday, playing Rock Em Sock Em in the coffee house

freaks from New Zealand get preferential treatment at all locations – even the fitness center
The Artwork around McMurdo:

a chopper, McMurdo style at the Science Support Center
a troll under a bridge
a troll under a bridge, again
a whale at the SW end of McMurdo
another view of the whale
there is a story behind this bridge – haven’t heard the story…. yet
The Artwork around McMurdo:

just Condition 2 in McMurdo
the conditions around the area
next sunset…. February 21st

The Weirdness Continues:

don’t read the fine print, or do

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