Antarctica – A short tour of McMurdo Station & Scott Base

The real work starts tonight or tomorrow or Sunday or Monday. One of these days I’ll start working, maybe. Until then I wanted to post some pictures for my two favorite B.P.R. blog addicts – my two nieces, i.e., the two kid freaks that are holding up The Kid Chapter at the Back of the Pack.

And check the links that I attached to the lingo. I didn’t put the links in for my health – I put the links in so you can educate yourself. Just joking. Actually I’m not.

The Pics & The Info:

Standing at the southwest part of McMurdo. The ice dock is to the right of the picture, the ice runway is on the left. But you can’t see that stuff in the pictures
This picture was taken very close to location in the picture above. I zoomed in on Discovery Hut – Do Some Research, built in 1902. At times the hut is opened up for tours, I guess. The goods from 1911 are still in the hut, fully preserved via the cold. And my roommates have pictures of a sea that was killed and dragged up to the hut – 100 years ago – fully preserved. 
Looking north west (maybe) from the same location as above. This big building is one of the many dorms. I am ‘lucky’ as I share a very small room with two dudes from Denver. This room is smaller than my one person dorm room in College. Yeah, no joke, jokester. My roommates are a bit freakish – so we all get along well. Recall that ‘freakish’ is a good word – just like ludacracy is a good word.
This is a view south from the post office. The brown dorms are on the right. The cafeteria is housed in the blue building on the left. I guess there are 5 and 6 person dorm rooms in the cafeteria (galley) building. Yeah, that would suck. But I’ve been there and done that when I was deployed to Kwajalein – another solo trip courtesy of the United States taxpayer.
This is a view southeast from the chapel. The LC-130s are down on the ice about a mile or two away. You can barely see the stuff out on the ice – trust me, two big planes are out there.
 Just a view of the crazy vehicles on McMurdo. Like the tracks on the truck? Look closely.
This is the National Science Foundation Chalet. The NSF is paying for me trip – because the NSF funds all (or most) of the Operation Deep Freeze activities. Then again, I could be wrong. Because I usually am. (Actually, I’m never wrong. Ask anyone and they will tell you so.)
Looking northeast from below the NSF Chalet. Observation Hill is on the right. I’ll hike up there someday – but hiking doesn’t interest me. Maybe I’ll find a bike so I can go hike-a-biking. I like hike-a-biking, obviously.
At Scott Base, New Zealand, Antarctica. Yes, it’s confusing. This picture was taken at 9:45PM. The sun is right behind me – but in the clouds.
A cool sign at Scott Base. But I’m not a fan of this kilometer thing. Did you know that New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. And Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand – along with being the Queen of England. That’s double duty if you ask me. 
A view of Scott Base, looking north. Basically. I really like the green. Seriously. McMurdo could use a face lift – standardize on one color. Or three. Like red, white, and blue. Yeah, that’s what us hooligans in the dorms think.
A Kiwi (stuffed kiwi?) at the bar on Scott Base. Us dudes must take off the shoes once we entered the buildings. No hats allowed either. But the babes can do whatever they want – naturally. Either way, it’s all cool.
The Weirdness Continues:
Instructions on how to puke, spew, upchuck, whatever. I like to use the terms puke-age and hurl. Just my preference.

3 thoughts on “Antarctica – A short tour of McMurdo Station & Scott Base

  1. Love that Im learning all this new stuff (but Im a HUGE dork) hahaha!!! Oh, and whats with the “planned” gorking? I guess one acquires special skills that include planned hurling where you're at (wish some of my friends when I was younger could've acquired those skills)….. I like it. Ive been to Alaska during the months where sun is out almost 24/7 crazy right? Suddenly its 11 pm and you realize you havent even eaten dinner… kinda cool though too… in my opinion.


  2. I thought the proper military term was “hurl.”

    Awesome trip you have there on your hands…and for every suck-ass moment you dread it down there, you will, in exponential fashion, have more memories that carry with you the rest of your life. I'm jealous!


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