The Past, The Future… The End of it ALL

I’m not exactly thrilled about documenting the highlights of 2011. So I won’t. The B.P.R Fan Club (my parents and nieces and harem of foxy mamas) understands the B.P.R. history of 2011. And I’m sure now one else cares.

BUT… 2012 is a unique year. As it is the last year that we have on this planet called Earth. You think I’m crazy? Do some research.

Well, Prob-eee and I are planning a serious party, the party to end all parties, for the week around Dec 21, 2012. That’s right. We plan to camp out at Chaco Canyon during the final week of our existence. Or should I say YOUR EXISTENCE. I’m fairly certain that I’m one of the ‘chosen ones‘ and will be ‘saved‘ be the aliens during their invasion. Yeah. ‘Saved‘ could also mean ‘Abducted‘. But what’s the difference?

If you’re still with me – check out the info below. If not – come and hang with us, at the back of the pack, and contribute to the ludacracy of 2012.

The 2011 B.P.R. Championship:

The data speaks. The results are in. The 2011 B.P.R. Championship goes to…..The Judd. Obviously. It wasn’t even close. Review the point total. Cry if you wish. But that is the way it is. There may be a few mistakes – as Rhino earned more than 100 pts for bike packing – but it won’t change the standings. And one can debate the points awarded for bike packing – The Lt Col and The Morale Chairman can fight it out for 2nd place. But the championship is set in concrete – seriously, I’m The Hustorian, I write The History. Therefore I own the B.P.R. Championship Series. Get it?

New Year’s Resolutions, as if it matters:
Most of this ain’t important. But 2012 will be a pivotal year for Back of the Pack Racing. And the movement, the atmosphere, the ludacracy is always a function of Judd’s psychosis. Therefore, the resolutions are a brief look into the future.

  • In 2012 I will try NOT to take pictures of The Lt Col sleeping at 24 hour races. Not that I have anything against The Lt Col sleeping at races – but his oldest son just can’t understand why a dude would sleep at a 24 hour race. (And I can’t figure it out either.)
    • Therefore, to help the Lt Col’s home life, I won’t take the pictures of The Lt Col sleeping in 2012. I think.
  • In 2012 I’ll print out the B.P.R. Operating Instructions ONCE and hold a short course for Prob-eee. Only one short course.
    • If Prob-eee can’t grasp the rules, live the lifestyle then…. then I’ll quite promoting Prob-eee as B.P.R.’s Naked Yoga Loving Hippie.
    • PROMOTING’ – that’s what I call it.
  • In 2012 I’ll give the Vegetarian lifestyle a shot. Not because I’m against slaughter houses (I’m not), not because I’m against heart disease (I could care less), not because a leafy diet will improve my ‘glow’. But because breakfast burritos, roast beef sandwiches and steak 7 nights a week become VERY EXPENSIVE. And I wan’t to live on a fixed budget in 2012.
    • No joke, jokester. Compare the prices of spinach and steak.
  • In 2012 I plan to ride 9000 miles. Seriously. In 2011 I rode 4451 miles and 414,500 feet of vertical. Yeah, that’s not much.
  • I will not do anything stupid – like the Double Centurion Criterium Delirium

The Future, at least 11 months of 21 days of 2012:

Snowbiking, snowbikepacking, snowbike walking, fatbiking, fatbike walking, fatbikepacking AND hike-a-biking….  in all forms.

That covers it! Doesn’t it? Oh yeah, throw in a few 12 hour & 24 hour races.

The 12 (or 13 or 14) best pics of 2011, just because:

the romance
yeah, so romantic at the back of the pack
let the fun begin… 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo


just out on a ride
and Prob-eee’s taking a leak
Mad Rhino, TeddNeck and The Judd… bikepacking in AZ

12 Hours in the Wild West
The Judd: 2nd Place, solo single speed
The TeddNec: 4th Place, solo single speed

24 Hrs in the Canyon
The Judd laughing, The Lt Col sleeping
24 Hrs in the Enchanted Forest
The Ultimate Race – The Ultimate Beer

The Colorado Trail
The TeddNeck hanging with The Judd @ 13,000 ft – seriously

More of The Colorado Trail
The Judd and The TeddNeck

The Colorado Trail – Again


24 Hrs of Colorado Springs
The Judd laughing, The Lt Col sleeping, again

The Judd: The Bottom of the World
The South Pole… Back of the Pack Style

The Black Sheep Snow Roller
snowbikepacking: dude, dudette

B.P.R.’s favorite music of 2011:

Just watch the videos – if you are bored. If not, screw it. But us dudes, the dudes at the Back of the Pack, have very diverse musical interests. Ok. We don’t. But still… it’s just music.

The Black Owls. I know the lead signer – Dave – he’s a cool single speed dude.

2 thoughts on “The Past, The Future… The End of it ALL

  1. Hey Judd, camping out in Chaco for the End sounds like a good time maybe I'll see ya out there. Plus if the world doesn't end I will already be in NM for Xmas. I went with a Mukluk this year and it's pretty fun but the fat Sheep looks pretty bitchen. Hope you're having a good winter and probably see ya in the Zunis if not sooner.


  2. Hey Matt. Awesome, Let's plan on Chaco for the End of the World party. Either way, it'll be time well spent. Yeah. Mukluks are awesome rides. The gears would confuse me, but all fat bikes are way cool.


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