2012 Race Schedule… The 2012 BPR Championship Series

2012 is here. That means one thing and one thing only. Time to start preparing for:

The 2012 Back of the Pack Championship – A Series
We all know who the odds on favorite is. But you never know what will happen in 2012.
AND, in the past, I’ve been accused of rigging the results. Seems like certain dudes that race at the back of the pack can’t do simple Judd Math. They can’t figure out how the points are totaled. So here it is.
The Official Formula for The 2012 Back of the Pack Championship Series:
  • 10 points are awarded for each lap completed at the 12 hour and 24 hour races
  • 1 point awarded for each mile completed at an endurance race
  • 1 point awarded for each mile completed during a bike packing experience
* We all know that life is full of obligations and responsibilities, at least that’s what I’ve been told, so unofficial races can be (will be) added as alternate races if a certain responsible racer can’t make a race in the BPR Championship series BUT is able to make local race.
  • Example: Mad Rhino can’t syphon enough fuel to make 12 Hours in the Wild West. So Mad Rhino attends the Mad Rhino Invitational in the Land of the Sun.
* We all know that The Lt Col isn’t into bike packing – no need to worry. The bike packing points are equalizers – the bike packing points bring The Morale Chairman and Mad Rhino into the competition. (Even without the bike packing points The Lt Col doesn’t have a chance of battling it out for the championship, just because…. that is what history says, even though I write the history.)
The 2012 Race Schedule:
The 2012 Ride Schedule:
This schedule can and will change as we move through 2012. And new competitors can be added to The 2012 BPR Championship series at anytime – all that is required is written pledge to uphold the Back of the Pack Operating Instructions.
And a Final View From the back of the Back of the Pack:
hanging at the back – Le Petite Brevet, somewhere in New Zealand
hanging at 12,000, somewhere on the Colorado Trail – Segment 27

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