2012: Let the Racing Begin… The Funny Season is Finally Over

Well, the funny season is over. The next 8 months will be filled with pain and suffering and a bit of laughter, a bit. I have a feeling that 2012 will bring some wicked challenges and wicked memories.

The biggest (like biggest) race on the BPR schedule is in 7 days – 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. I’m totally prepared physically, I think. We shall see if I’m prepared mentally, as the 4AM demons will come out in full force. Guaranteed.

I have a new strategy for battling these demons. I’m not gonna divulge my secret strategy – but I know it will work. Big miles will be laid down by this obese MOFO at the back of the pack. Wanna place a friendly bet on whether or not I break the elusive 200 mile barrier?

Although 24 Hours in Old Pueblo is just one race out of many – it’s the race that sets the tone for 2012. We have a big time schedule this year… 24 hour races including a 24 hour SNOW BIKE race up in Yellowstone, a few 12 hour races and… a few ludacris bikepacking adventures – like the Colorado Trail and whatever other crazy adventures that Mad Rhino plans.

Before we know it we’ll be drinking Paul’s Beer at the Zuni 100 in late October and telling crazy stories about the 2012 ludacracy at the back of the pack. Until then, we’ll keep the cranks turning and do everything we can to consume more Modus Hoperandi than any other group of irresponsible single speed freaks.

The Keys:

It’s been a struggle lately to find motivation to write the history – as BPR Hustorian I must write the history. I’ve been spending massive amounts of time: riding, working on bikes, suffering from Crossfit, beer tasting, working so I can pay the mortgage, werewolf hunting, and UFO watching. Maybe this will all change, maybe I’ll find the motivation to write more history. BUT in case I don’t,  I’ve made a copy of ‘The Keys‘ and handed them over to Mad Rhino. Hopefully the beer brewing, steel SS riding freak will help me with the ludacracy at the Back of the Pack. So if you read a post that is filled with MASSIVE amounts of grammar mistakes… DON’T BLAME ME!

And of Course Valentines’ Day:

Many people call me: a renegade, a cowboy,  an isolationist, independent,  psychotic, sadistic, KoRny, stupid, freakish, brilliant, stupid.. blah blah blah.

But I am really a romantic at heart… yeah right.

Check out this video. Enjoy the music from Anthrax. AND if you are a love bird – don’t read too much into this song. Just trying to shake things up a bit. If you find the patience to watch the entire video, you may see a few UFOs. Seriously.

February Romance @ The Foothills from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Valentines Day – Back of the Pack Style… with a few UFOs

Just some Random Pics:

Santa Claus?
or The Morale Chairman enjoying the snow?
just out for a cruise, when The Lt Col was cruising
Back of the Pack Racing has the BEST perks for the ‘juniors’ 
The BPR Junior Team geared up


down but not out – The Lt Col survived a terrible snowboarding accident
yeah, The Lt Col will be back in action later this year



chicken & waffles & beer always cheers up a gimp
the new BPR ‘kit’
gotta train as you race – in the Chuck’s
Lisa @ Zia Rides sent me this photo,
she’s a bit concerned that The Lt Col always looks lost
well, the dude is always lost – he definitely ain’t no navigator


3 sheep and 1 necromacer ready for Old Pueblo
two 29er’s and two FatBikes
a hint of something to come – everyday is a good day for a disco party
See Ya’ll at Old Pueblo.

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