Chaco Canyon: A Preview… The End of the World Party

Chaco Canyon, Why:

  1. because, the Great SouthWest is a mystical place
  2. I want to be where the action is…. The End of the World… Dec 21, 2012
  3. therefore, a scouting mission was required, as always

Chaco Canyon, The Links:

the government link, Chaco National Historical Park
the wikipedia link, Chaco Culture National Historical Park

just to be clear… fixie road bikes are the bikes of choice

Where is Chaco Canyon?

a picture is worth a 1000 words? ok…. 3 pictures are worth 3000 words


The Major Issues:

  • Camping will be the biggest issue for the BPR End of the World Party. Why? Because the winter solstice will bring many dudes and dudettes to Chaco Canyon. Do some research, you’ll then understand.
  • Wait, Camping?
    • Us End of the World fanatics will be awake for 48 to 72 hours. So you can’t call it ‘camping’. More like… ‘parking in a ditch and drinking in the desert’.
  • Why no ‘camping’?
    • Dude, Dudette. It’s the End of the World. You gonna sleep through it? Duh.
  • And the time frame:
a video… just because:

The Pics… of Chaco… I could add titles… but do you really care?


yeah… an alien… obviously



yeah… an alien organism encrusted on the rock… obviously



a few pics…. of The Navajo Nation:



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