B.P.R. AZ Hood – Photo Essay

Here at Back of the Pack – Arizona Charter, we are men (or man rather) of few words.  A weekend or two photo essay style. Join me for a ride or an adventure.

 Desert snow

Took a digger
 Spagettio Grave Yard

 Boondoggle Trail
 Estrella Long
Rainbow Valley

 Quad deterrents
 Boondoggle Trail
 Comp Connector
 Naked Man Wash

 Has your SS died for your sins?
 Skid Row
RIP Bootlegger
 Rock Bridge on Bootlegger

 Pirate Trail
 Pre-ride Energy drink
 Post-ride Recovery drink
 Look what I found hiding in buddy’s frig?

Medication in the freezer
 BPR Championship Buckle
 Buoy Rock on Pirate heading up to Pirate Cove
Walk the plank on Buccaneer Trail

Drunkcyclist has been riding FINS?


Don’t Bro Me…
The circus in my hood.  My monthly HOA dues hard at work.  
Osprey – warranty you can count on.

One thought on “B.P.R. AZ Hood – Photo Essay

  1. gotta make it out there for ride in your hood. But I may want to skip naked man wash. (I wonder if the freaky hippie Prob-eee does naked yoga in nake man wash.) BTW, you're the only dude at the back of the pack that can pull off the hipster white shades. Well, the Morale Chairman might give it a shot in the near future, assuming he 'finds' the shades in BPR Pit @ Old Pueblo. Trust me, he 'finds' shades everywhere…. like laying on a countertop in MY HOUSE.


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