FOR SALE: Ti Singlepeed Frame

Buy my brand new Titanium Singlespeed frame.  I am really close to cutting the frame up and making wind chimes for my Foxy Mama for Christmas. All the details below.


Custom Carver Titanium Singlespeed
Size: Medium (with tall curved top tube), possibly Medium Large frame

The Mad Rhino
rhino [at] backofthepackracing [dot] com
Email me. If you want to chat in person email me first and I will give you my contact number.

I just recently designed a custom titanium Carver Bikes singlespeed frame.  Unfortunately for me, there was a design oversight and the curved Top Tube and Seat Stays were specified and welded too high for my intended use.   This bike was going to be used for rough and technical Arizona singletrack, and the top tube is just slightly too tall for me, but it may not be for you.

This bike was assembled by a certified mechanic (my brother) at his bike shop.  The bike was only ridden around the shop, and on the pavement for 3 minutes.  Immediately we realized the frame standover height was a little too much for me, and we disassembled the frame and built another bike.  This frame is essentially brand new, with out the 10 week wait time.

The frame includes a Cane Creek Forty headset (black) and a Ritchey Seat Mast Topper (34.9 x 70mm, 25mm offset). The seat mast has not been cut.  The frame was designed that the seat mast could be cut and slotted by a confident frame builder, so a traditional seat post and clamp could be used if desired.  The sliding dropout hangers are included with all the hardware pictured below.  The rear brake side hanger does not require an adapter and is a direct caliper mount, accepting a 160mm rotor.

There is one slight glitch.  This frame is the ‘RHINO’ model.  Your serial number will be ‘RHINO’.  I have been informed by Carver that someone motivated could sand off the engraving, as it is really shallow.  Please see the pictures below, as I do not want anyone to be surprised.

The logos are just stickers.  They peel off easily for a nice clean look.  You could also have someone bead blast your own logo.

I built the bike up without very many ridiculous weight-weenie parts.  The bike was built to ride extremely rough and rocky Arizona trails.  The bike with an uncut seat mast, and an uncut steer tube weighted in at 21 pounds and 2 oz on the shop scale.  Further weight could be reduced with additional high-dollar light weight parts.

Please see geometry drawing.  I can email the geometry drawing to serious inquiries.
Seat Tube – from BB to TT = 448mm (note top tube curves)
Seat Mast – 712mm – does not included the height of the seat topper or seat.
Chain Stay – minimum length 430mm
Down Tube – 691.1mm
Top Tube – 590mm
Top Tube – 554.1mm
Actual Top Tube – 563.6mm
Head Tube – Dia 44mm, 115mm length
Bottom Bracket – 68mm
Bottom Bracket to Floor – 299.6mm
(2 sets) Water Cage bosses
(3) cable ties – Top Tube
(2) cable ties – Seat Stay

Frame – $ Too Much! (including shipping)
(Seat Topper and Headset not included in original frame costs)

If you are interested please contact me to discuss the details. Make me an offer.  I am seriously getting ready to chop the frame up and make wind chimes for my Foxy Mama.  They will be the sweetest wind chimes, my lady will love…or not.   If you are interested in this frame you will not have to wait 10 weeks for a frame, and can have this one within a few days. Seriously…make me a reasonable offer.  Getting ready to unload it on EhBay.

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