Global Fatbike Day: fatbiking it Black Sheep style

What does any un-normal dude at the Back of the Pack do on Global Fatbike Day? Well, how about pick up a new F-A-T-B-I-K-E and go ride…

That’s right. December 1st was declared Global Fat Bike Day. So, The Morale Chairman and I traveled up to Black Sheep World Headquarters to pick up the TeddNeck’s new Black Sheep Stellar – A Fatbike, A Snowbike, a bitch’n titanium work of art. And after a bit of Drool the Black Sheep dudes and the Back of the Pack dudes loaded up and headed north – for a bit of Fatbike freedom.

As usual, there are many lessons learned during a 36 hour, 1200 mile trip… especially when the Brother’s Rohwer are traveling together. But time is short and I gotta get on my bike. So. Check out the pics AND be thankful that there are Fatbikes, trails, titanium and… friends to philosofize and laugh about ALL of the above.

just some fatbikes and some titanium

The Morale Chairman and his new Black Sheep Stellar – phatbike style
for a P-H-A-T-D-U-D-E

don’t forget about the data – a ride in Northern ColoRADo

it was a nice climb
and then a nice descent

 titanium… trails… Dales Pale Ale

some fatbikes and a 36er for a phat dude

how do you make a 36er look small?
by putting a phat (fat?) dude on it

seriously… join jenny craig… dude
BTW… wanna indian leg wrestle?

 cruis’n back to the vehicles

The Morale Chairman dreaming of turning his fatbike into a snow bike and…

The Philosofizer and the Black Sheep dudes…
philosofizing about fatbikes and titanium

and finally… at the Back of the Pack
we have options when we travel
Monsta Jeep or Lamborghini

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