Dawn to Dust Arizona 2012 – Race Recap

December 1st 2012 was the Global Fat-Bike day .  On Dec 1st while the B.P.R. Founding Founders in New Mexico were embezzling all the membership dues from Arizona Charter to fuel their severe addiction to expensive Titanium, the B.P.R. Arizona Charter was busy actually racing their jumungous heavy fatbikes around.  The AZ crew teamed up and raced Dawn to Dusk Arizonaon singlespeed rigid fatbikes.   Back of the Pack normally is a team of solos, no handshaking, butt-slapping, pass the baton kind of team, as it states  in the Official B.P.R. Operating Instructions somewhere. Due to race logistics and our volunteer requirements at the race, The Mad Rhino was forced to team up for a duo for the race.  After many long nights of researching and pouring through extensive race resume and applications, the chosen candidate for the B.P.R. AZ team was Spencerfrom Flat Tire Bike Shop.  The dude meets all the criteria:  titanium rigid SS and a fatbike, and the ability to rock!
We arrived at the race early Friday morning to fulfill our volunteer obligations.  We started the day off right, by 9am we were digging in the coolers for some P.B.R to prepare for the day of heckling and chaos.  The morning starts out easy as racers stagger in and by early evening it turns into a craziness trying to jam all the racers, vehicles and their crap into a small venue.  Saturday morning things get even crazier as everyone tries to jam back into the venue for the race, tension and tempers start flying. 
Of course we had the couch and rug.  Back of the Pack doesn’t go anywhere without comfortable seating and sleeping arrangements.  No pictures, as we were too busy racing and the professional B.P.R. Camera crew had previous engagements.
Spencer starts the race off at the lower lot which is a 2 mile cruise up road to spread out the hammerheads as I was stationed at the road and directed racers onto the trail.  This ended our responsibility for volunteering and our race day began.  I suited up with plaid and waited for Spencer to arrive back at the pit to swap every other lap.  Realizing that Back of the Pack Racing is a team of individuals, and were racing duo, things just didn’t seem right.  The B.P.R. Arizona Charter instituted new rules.  If we are not racing solo, we must drink a beer after EVERY lap.  So abiding by the rules, after every lap we tossed the each other a cold can of P.B.R. and it was half gone before we even got off the bike.  As usual we started the B.P.R. Beer Chimes.
B.P.R. Beer Chimes…by day

B.P.R. Beer Chimes…by night

 We continued racing throughout the day and just kept the heavy wheels moving.  Lap after lap we tossed beers, high-fived and laughed, and refueled between laps.  We both were tired, as the bikes weighted a ton (42lbs), but we pressed on until the end of the day.  I think we both secretly wanted to quit after two laps and drink beer all day.  After my 3rd lap, we checked the clock and Spencer agreed to get back in from his fourth lap to get me a fourth lap.  Spencer hammered out his fourth lap, if he had to do 4 laps; Rhino had to do four laps.  Put on my bike light and pounded out my last lap as the sunset.

The weather was absolutely perfect.  It probably was the best race conditions I have ever raced in.  It reaffirms why we live in Arizona…racing in December with shorts and short sleeve.
The Judd requires the statistics; he goes crazy without the zeros and ones.  I think he lives in the Matrix world.  Neither Spence nor I carried a gps, video, heart rate monitor, power meter, or watch, so we don’t know anything.  We have no idea what the stats are.  Here is the basic math, B.P.R. AZ style:
4 laps each on 42lbs.  singlespeed fatbikes
*62+ miles each
4 cold 12oz Pabst Blue Ribbons
15.5 mile laps
Spencer’s laps a little quicker than Mad Rhino (note his bike is lighter…cheater)
*not including additional starting miles
1st Place – Men’s Singlespeed Fatbike Division
5th Place – Men’s Singlespeed Duo Division
Question and Answers from the race
Q: What is that?
A: It’s a fatbike.  Gizogglethat shiz.
Q: Did you really bring a couch to a race?
A:  (Rhino looks around) Well I am sitting on a couch, so yeah, I did.
Q: Is that bike really heavy?
A:  Yes, it’s really heavy, it weighs 42 lbs.
Q: Is it fun?
A:  It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
Q:  Why?
A:  Because we can, and you probably can’t, next question.
Quote of the race (paraphrased from a well-respected local Singlespeeder):
“Those Back of the Pack guys are really good dudes, they’re riding bikes for all the right reasons.”
Race Swag
The race swag was one of the best I’ve have received lately, not that I race for my swag bag.  Race promoters are finally starting to realize we don’t want useless junk.  You can’t complain about an etched logo beer pint glass, burrito coupon, water bottle, and a nice fitting t-shirt.  A t-shirt that is soft, not white and certainly NOT Hanes Beefy.  The best part about the shirt…says Back of the Pack Racing on the sleeve.
Back of the Pack Racing

Dawn to Dusk Arizona – race swag

Hog Farming Crusader…this dude probably rode a rigid Singlespeed
A big thanks goes out to Dave from DCB Adventures for making the event happen.  Big fist bump to Spencer, that dude needs some B.P.R. AZ patches on his plaid.  I also had a killer time pitting with Steve and Kim, first place winners SS mixed duo winners from Flat Tire Bike Shop, thanks for all your SS help.  Phil from the Sunday Cycles crushed it riding duo.  We didn’t see him much as he seemed to be riding back to back laps.  Next door was the Get Fit Sports Trainingcrew, it always fun getting heckled and hanging out with Cheryl and Brian.  Another guy who makes everything a party was Fatbike Joe from Sunday Cycles…spent the day slinging hotdogs and snickerdoodles and ending up donated all the money to McDowell Park.  Big thanks to all the other racers that throw kind words my way,  all motivate to ride my bike…you all know who you are.

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  1. BTW. Sweet post dude. Sounds like I missed one awesome weekend… at the Back of the Pack. I'll do my best to properly secure the 2013 B.P.R. membership dues. I think.


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