Singlespeed Arizona 2013

Singlspeed Arizona 2013 (SSAZ2013). Hell yeah!

All I can say is wow, and Thank You. Thank You Dejay for putting on an incredible event.  Thank You to all the volunteers, locals, and fellow racers that make this event possible and what it is.
I am not going to do a traditional race review. It just isn’t in the spirit ofSSAZ.  If you want to know what goes down at the bestsinglespeed race around, you have to step up and ride your bike.  All I can say is B.P.R. AZ Army of Two – The Mad Rhino and Spencer represented – Single an Rigid.  We were joined by many old friends, and many more new friends.

I was racing hard, and playing hard so I didn’t get many pictures with my own camera. That didn’t stop me for searching and scalping other people’s pictures.  I attempted to give credit where credit is due. All legal matters should be directed to the B.P.R. NM Headquarters.
I am going to let all these pictures tell the story.
Photos by The Mad Rhino
B.P.R. AZ – SSAZ2013 Race Entry
The Mad Rhino
Dejay…offers up some hydration
Body Shots! This is how we do it at Back of the Pack
(photo by Greg Greene)
Spencer – armed.
Phil an Spencer
Crazy Kaolin
Nat’s got curves
Race briefing
Brandon, Phil and Spencer
Single, Rigid and Fat
The Mad Rhino
Photos by Greg Greene via FB
Sgt. Devon Bacon
Aid Station
Spencer, Al, and Krampus Dude…all 3 rolling fat.
Branon and Spencer rolling.
Body Shots for cops?
Kaolin an Phil (2nd Place finisher) crushing it
Vassago Tom
Photos by Krista Park via FB
Photos by Vernie Aikins
B.P.R. AZ – Spencer (left)…not shocked at all.

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