24 Hours in the Old Pueblo… a preview of v2013

is this a preview or a review or a prediction or just history….

who knows.

well, the history is written… and based in our alternate reality

24 Hrs in the Old Pueblo, v2010… $250 of burritos? that’ll get us through the race
24 Hrs in the Old Pueblo, v2011… just a small storm

AND it’s time to make new history.

So, I don’t know much, about anything. BUT I do know that a subset of the B.P.R. crew is headed towards Oracle Az for the 2013 edition of the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. So, what’s this post about. I don’t know. Just some pics to motivate a select few… motivate the crew to bring the ‘A’ game. AND I ain’t talking about the ‘A’ game of Ludacracy. It’s the year we push to the front of the back of the pack and set some new records… like ditching the pink futon and executing The Strategy. And the strategy supports:

busting through the 200 mile barrier

the details… of the strategy:
  • stay vertical for the entire race and post race party.
    • The Lt Col seems to think it’s ok to fall asleep at 1PM on Sunday.
  • ditch the living room atmosphere that promotes a lazy hippie lifestyle… a Prob-eee lifestyle
  • ditch the high carb drinks (IPA) for low carb drinks (Coors, PBR, High Life)
  • ditch the Cheetos & Pizza and going for the nutritional approach to life… I mean racing.
  • ditch the luxury RV for the bivy sack – which will be stowed away (or sold) prior to the race
  • ditch the attitude that fame and glory is just for the fast spandex dudes & dudettes… cuz we need some fame and glory to jump start our fund raising activities… at the back of the pack
    • titanium and single speeds ain’t cheep… it just ain’t… just say’n
AND when you, a fan at the Back of the Pack offers up an IPA or a bag or Cheetos and a slice of Pizza… all us freaks will respond with No Thanks, we’re racing here, we’ve been training for 6 months for the biggest and the baddest 24 hour race in the Great Southwest, there is no way you’re pulling us off our game… our strategy

And then REALITY hits…

you’re IPA and you’re Cheetos ain’t safe when you show at our pit. and if you show up… bring a couch or two… because we ain’t roll’n with the sheep trailer this year… seriously, we aren’t

the History…the Alternate Reality… it’s a Picture Book… in the Blog-o-Sphere

Good Night!

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