Dawn ’til Dusk v2013… just a few dumb comments

Dawn til Dusk v2013 didn’t produce much of anything, other than serious miles for The Judd, serious nap time for Prob-eee, and an excuse for The Major to drink beer and eat pizza. 

That’s right. The standard Ludacracy, at the back of the pack, didn’t materialize. Therefore  I had little motivation to document THE HISTORY because The History without Ludacracy is BORING.

Then I started thinking. My poor Mother (The Madre) is pretty pissed that I don’t communicate with her. She’s missing the THE HISTORY… THE ALTERNATE REALITY… that I author… with exceptional skill may I add. 

So, it’s time to catch up with THE HISTORY before the massive Ludacracy hits at 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest, June 15th.  But I’ll keep it short, this time, maybe.

The Awards:
As usual, there are awards. As usual, The Judd is at the top of The Podium… 
  • The Judd: I have no excuses, today, so I’ll ride… 8 laps and 100+ miles
  • The Probe: I have excuses. I’m sick. So I won’t ride… 2 laps and very few miles
  • The Major: I’m so fast I’ll blow the tread of my tire, but it’d rather drink then dominate @ the back of the pack… 5 laps and about 65 miles. Maybe.
The No Excuses, Excuses:
It is interesting to note that The Judd’s performance was a record… at the Back of the Pack… for a 12 hour race. Yeah, 100+ miles ain’t that impressive for Super Freaks. But we aren’t super freaks. We’re just single speed nut jobs. So, chill out and let us live in The Glory for a month or two.

So, no excuses took out the dream of The Glory, for this race. So there are No Excuses, Excuses. And if you have no clue what I’m talking about. Buy me a 6 pack or two and I’ll explain it. (That grammar and sentence structure will challenge the best of you. No joke.)
  • No torn ass, no open sores. The 100% cotton cargo shorts sans A$$ pad worked well, dude.
    • Result: 100+ miles in < 12 hours
  • Only 2500 calories of liquid calories, not 5000 calories. It’s amazing what a good night sleep does for a dude’s performance.
    • Result: 100+ miles, without a scratch
  • It was hot. But it wasn’t that hot. Hell, I wasn’t sweating my a$$ off until about… 9AM.
    • Result: 100+ miles, and energy to drink… all night.
  • The beer was hidden in the beer cooler, below the coke. If I only knew I had 18 Marble IPAs, I would’ve quit. (Ok, maybe not.)
    • Result: 100+ miles, with one hell of a sugar rush.
History… of Certifiable and Approved Excuses: 
Its well know that us single speed nut jobs have a good time. For the most part. But our failure(s) on teh race course are not a result of all ‘the calories’ we consume before (and during?) the race. Our failure(s) are rooted in Certifiable Disasters.. that only occur at the back of the pack. And, for historical purposes, a short summary of Certifiable Disasters (or Excuses?) are noted below:
and if you wanna some data on the track:
Like 2 year old data (but old data is good data) then check out the 2011 race review:

and if you wanna see the award winning video from v2011… dude
Ok, don’t watch the video. Just hit play, close your eyes, and listen to Soundgarden… that’s what I do… dude

Dawn ’til Dusk – 2011 from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.
Anyway. Enough Jaw Jacking. Time to Focus on… The Summer…

AND ONLY a few pics, because our Photographer, Prob-eee, was napping all day. No Joke:

(And if you wanna see of video of Prob-eee – check this link)

The Judd… writing poetry

The Judd… thinking about a beer – or 18

I survived the 2012 Apocalypse. 2013 may be another story. I’m thinking.

And a look back… into the Back of the Pack archives: 

BPR Brothers Roar – 24HITEF Conversation from Judd Rohwer on Vimeo.

And no matter how things are going… Don’t Lose Touch. 

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