SnowBiking… a few miles, a few bars during and one long a$$ day

Someone said that yesterday, December 7th, was Global FatBike day. Well, we aren’t rookies when it comes to Global FatBike Days. But the weather this year forced a local transformation from The Global FatBike movement into a local SnowBike adventure. So the SS machines were transformed from PHAT asphalt friendly rides to full blown SS snow machines. Because SnowBiking requires SnowBikes not FatBikes. Obviously.


Yep, the Global Day was just another day on the bikes, for a few of us that roll at the Back of the Pack. Chaos and Ludacracy dominated a simple cold snowy ride. Why would it be any different? But I won’t bore you with the endless ‘1s’ and ‘0s’. I won’t riddle The Ether with standard Back of the Pack psycho babble, this time. I’ll just throw out some pics and some lessons learned. Because we are all about pictures and lessons. But remember, a Lesson isn’t a Lesson until it is Learned. Get it? Just Say’n.

A few pictures:

sometimes we roll through the dark cold & dangerous fields

sometimes we roll in a sun soaked paradise
sometimes we don’t look our best
sometimes The Morale Chairman says… 
“The Judd, you’re nose is getting BIGGER with age”
sometimes The Morale Chairman looks MEAN
sometimes The Judd says “Morale Chairman, you always look f’n MEAN”

Lessons Learned:

  1. Riding is the Snow is a blast. Well, the heart rate tends to be pegged at 190, but SnowBiking is fun. Riding in 4″ of frozen slush is brutal. I think. My memory fails me from time to time.
  2. Big Fat Larry’s SUCK in the snow. But I want to save my 45North Escalators for The Arrowhead 135.  So I’ll stick with The Suck.
  3. When it is Cold & Dark and you are plowing through 8″ of snow, layered over wicked jeep ruts, you’ll eat shit like every 50 feet. It’s a Cold n Dark thing, probably amplified by 6 hours at the bars.
You Know You’re in Trouble When:
  • Your Wife (The Morale Chairman’s) takes the 12 year old daughter out for lunch. AND the waitress thinks the 12 year old is 21. 
    • YEP. Not even a teenager and mistaken for 21. SUCKS to be The Morale Chairman.
 Nothing like breaking free from Responsibility for the 1st ride in 5 months
I must teach The Morale Chairman that RESPONSIBILITY is OVERRATED!
for some there are options: asphalt or snow.
at the Back of the Pack there are no options…. when there is snow
had to stop for some calories
sometimes you get lucky and meet up with the Local sidewalk SnowPlow freak
that’s always a good thing, when the snow is really frozen slush


had to stop for more calories
had to stop for even more calories
late in the night we ran into some graffiti. See it. Dude?
I wonder what kind of monster created that
just making tracks and eating shit… all the way home
 is that a smile? or is that a… I’m confused
damn, The Morale Chairman is really trying to smile


you know what. I need some pizza
The Crew at the Back of the Pack believes in the 2nd Amendment. 
The Crew at the Back of the Pack is ready for Armageddon,  The Zombie Apocalypse or whatever
but The Crew at the Back of the Pack needs more… or everything. 
And a Jesse James 1911 is a good place to start. I think.
and a friendly reminder.
lock up your Sheep. Because they tend to wander off. So I hear.

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