PhatPacking on The Colorado Trail: Seg 20 / 21

So… let it be known… I hate walking AND I hate hiking. Because, well, just because… people walk through WalMart. Yeah, people are known to HIKE through WalMart. Hell, people even BackPack in CostCo. No joke, jokester.

So… I hate everything that people do in WalMart, like Hike. 

BUT then there is The Colorado Trail. And there are a few miles, like 150 miles, that are off limits to bikers. (Yeah, it’s the Wilderness Area thing.) Therefore I’m forced into walking mode, hiking mode, backpacking mode. Because my Black Sheep Single Speed ain’t welcome in these areas. So it goes. So it is.

And although walking & hiking are STOOPID. Cruise’n through Colorado ON The ColoRADo Trail ain’t so STOOPID. That is the truth, dude.

just some pixels from 12,700 ft

and just remember… the s*^t ain’t just about high altitude views…
it includes high, but not so high, high altitude booze!

Then, just as you think I am STOOPID, let it be known that I’m just screw’n with you. 

I’m just a ColoRADo freak. And I do anything and everything to get back to my home state. And cruise’n the big bad high altitude trails is what I live for. 

That’s right, even though I am…

  1. Afraid of the dark
  2. Afraid of monsters
  3. Afraid of man eating saber-tooth’d cats
  4. Afraid of man squashing woolly mammoths
  5. Afraid of Amazon Chicks that want to eat all my food and make me SUFFER… with my head between my knees… if you know what I mean.
  6. IN BED with the ALIENS that are invading our Earth
… I still love to cruise the remote areas of Colorado.

And don’t forget to check out:

So, I didn’t learn many lessons this trip. I just re-learned many known lessons. Does that make sense? Probably not for the Average Neophyte out there. But because you are curious, I’ll review the lessons RE-LEARNED

The Lessons RE-LEARNED:

  • Moose are big
  • High altitude lightning strikes are Thunderous
  • Blisters Suck
  • Chaffage can be avoided. Yep, Okole Suff works, if you use it. It f’n doesn’t work… if you don’t use it. Get it dude. Or get The Chaffage. Dude.
  • You really really don’t need a 9mm & a Battle Axe & Throwing Knives & a shotgun… if you’re just cruise’n on the CT. Just think’n. Think’n OutLoud.

Next on the List:

Enough Lingo / GARBAGE ->The Pictures… because that’s what matters:



all alone… in paradise

just low altitude s*^t
just 11,000 ft s*^t

just 14,022 ft s*^t… San Luis Peak

just cruise’n at high altitude
cuz that’s what I do

a storm and some flowers… for The Madre

is that MOOSE or MEECE?
up close and NOT personal

another angle… of the MEECE

sunrise… and I’m 1 hr into the Day 2 Adventure

battle of The Signs:
Continental Trail & Colorado Trail
dude … dudette
looking down on Snow Mesa

f*^k’n OLD Hipster

blisters don’t hurt… if You’Re AlieN

The Finish… for this Tour

and then there is The Trip back to Durango… on the D&SNGR
floating beverages… just say’n

and then there is The Family Rohwer
I’m the PHAT dude… between The Foxy Mamas… if you are curious

and then there is the VINTAGE Lamborghini that passes you on the way to the CT


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